1.0.3 Patch Notes

So what are the new uniques? seems like core info. Just curious, I'd trust these solid devs with my life.
leto2626 wrote:
Reduced mana gem doesn't work on auras anymore suddenly??

Really? That would suck o_O

Other than that, GGG good job on the game, really it's awesome don't mind the haters :) they're just that, hating..
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The perma curse bug is making a lot of my characters unplayable. On a side note Clarity seems to be mixed in the middle of my 9 curses, isn't it supposed to be separate?

Fight censorship
Not trying to Troll, but almost everyone who uses Steam for POE has issues. Just get the standalone client and dont use steam for this game, there are compatibility issues.

ktrop14 wrote:
i cant download the patch in steam it started downloading then it said cannot download patch when game is running when the game clearly wasn't running. now in my downloads queue it just keeps blinking saying updating, updating required, in queue and it keeps shuffling between those 3 words and i cant play poe. never had this problem before when downloading patches.
Morgoth2356 wrote:
Only thing I disagree with in this patch is the colour to the tabs list, but that's maybe a matter of personal taste.

Yes, personal taste. I love the change. But then, I'm a massive organizer with a fuckton of tabs and color schemes. I'm actually waiting for the day when they go further and implement Microsoft Excel like tab behavior (e.g., pinning tabs, grouping and collapsing/expanding, etc.)
Good idea, or, for them to just fall out of the ceiling. Now, if i hear spiders, ill just run to the next room instead of waiting 10 seconds for them all to spawn and slowly walk into melee range.

If its like the Weavers den, and they just drop in on your head, very cool!

schlurpidurp wrote:
The could have just made the animation faster ^^;
I think at one point they said they won't be doing "right click, request duel" because every moment in town will just be constant spam of requests to you.

sourboy wrote:
where is duel requesting?
Honestly i just wish they would ban you for raping people.

Great stuff. The new I nfernal sword is totally awesome. Can it drop outside maps?

I am still eagerly awaiting item filtering which in my opinion would not be very hard to integrate. GGG, you get no mmoire "support" until item filtering is implemented.

Glad I'm not affected by the new curse bug.

With regards to the dupe.. if I skinned some item with a khoams heart, then mirrored it, then reclaimed the duped khoahms heart, then traded that dupe for a truckload of ex orbs, when the buyer logs off does his newly brought khoams Get deleted? And what about the original khoams I used for their fraud? Does that Gert deleted? How does/did the dupe work and did people Get ripped off?
I sent GGG the "Uber Vendor" idea a while ago. No response.

After you beat Piety and Dominus, there is an additional vendor in Eternal Lab.

They sell most skills gems(1 or 2 alchs)

And can change you out(10 GCP for 1 ex) and change you up(20 Chaos per Exalt)

Also, they sell Blacksmith Stones and other things.

I mean, most people use the "currency" as just that, and almost never craft. If you want to craft, you have to spend a good deal of time spamming trade chat and feeling dirty doing it, trying to but 320 alts from your ex so you can roll and regal a few 5 links.

Now, i almost have no inclination to spam trade chat, i feel so bad and most people just ignore it anyway.

quote="Rivenaleem"]I consider myself very lucky that I levelled a Ranger to 37 (finished Normal) but then decided to change to Scion, both using bows, because I wanted a quicker path to Iron Grip. Thankfully I can get to the Siren's Cadence pretty quick now for my increased physical projectile damage gem, but would it not be a good idea, even if just temporarily, when you add new gems like this, to have them a little easier to get? Say, for 48 hours have them either on a vendor or on an earlier quest?

I'm not saying they should be given out for free as soon as you log in, I think the location of Barrage is appropriate, it's far enough that it's not free, but also someone can get it without too much trouble.

Also, I'm looking forward to trying out the Blacksmith again, last night I had to abandon him as I could just never get any distance from him. Has anyone got a ballpark figure for the CD on his Leap Slam?[/quote]
currency rates are something that player are deciding ( from drop rates, utility, demand etc ... ), not something that GGG should set ( appart from the expensive ones that vendors already do ).

If there would be a vendor proposing such services, then it would be much much more expensive, so that it would have a meaning to trade orbs with other players.

Not happening.
SSF is not and will never be a standard for balance, it is not for people entitled to getting more without trading.

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