1.0.1 Patch Notes

Just completely remove CoDT then...
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That CWDT overnerf is pathetic. Clearly it was abused but it could've been handled far better. For example, gems had to be within a range of 2 in-order to function: L10 CWDT -> L8 Decoy. L7 Decoy is disabled.

Also the health requirement for proc could've been dropped by a few hundred hp.

Requires you to be in range and still take damage while maintaining the gem as fun and dynamic.
Mythicpoe wrote:
Oh, forgot to add - where's the nerf to Neon's build?
Permanently freezing 78 map bosses in a 6 man party.
Seems legit, Chris.

What build?

Never heard of it.
Rufnet wrote:
well 1 last day to play until codt is done
and my char most likely will rip cuz i loose a shit ton of survability
thx GGG
3k codt procc from 4k of my life
leaves me with my defensive abilitys and 1k rest hp left
sounds like its worth it LOL

Your build is shit if it completely hinged on CoDT like that.

Why are people acting like the gems that you linked to it no longer exist?

I get the feeling they should have never added a gem that caused your animations/mana costs to be null, people have gotten WAY too attached to it even after less than a month.
Thanks for screwing solo players further.
Very, very nice patch!
While playing End-game Maps, you are now more likely to find higher level Maps.

Playing for about a year now in a group of about 5-6 people, none of us had a lvl77 map dropping in that time. And we did a lot of maps. I was the only one who was lucky to find some lvl 75 and only 2 lvl 76 maps. So thank you for that change, i hope i will notice it ingame.


The item drop quantity and rarity for Map bosses has been increased.
The party life bonus for monsters in higher difficulties has been reduced from 25% to 20% per player per difficulty. Parties still need a lot more damage output than in Open Beta, but it's not quite so high now.

Good change, since most of my friends list, inculding me, are soloing since the last major patch, cause its just much more effective. And now its viable to do 66 maps again instead of 24/7 Piety.

Mortal Conviction has been improved from 30% to 40% less aura mana reservation.

This, in my opinion, wont be enough, to make BM interesting again.

When the next four month leagues start, the prizes will not be available in the first two weeks (to keep the early race fair).

Does it mean, i can leave the prizes in this stash tabs for 2 weeks and use it then in the new leagues?

Again, good work. A lot of new things to discover. Thank you for that, keep it up.

Vitality: Mana reservation cost reduced from 60% to 40%.

GGG, you listened, you actually listened. (or you realized from the usage statistics or regen scaling it was not at all at a good point). However, doing this does not really make it anymore attractive for most builds nor does it really save more than a few nodes.

How about you keep it at 60% but buff the effect so its worthwhile?

The item drop quantity and rarity for Map bosses has been increased.

Thank god, it was a point where no one was ever running bosses.

While playing End-game Maps, you are now more likely to find higher level Maps.
What does this mean? that 77 maps are less likely to drop 66 maps but not actually have increased chance to drop additional maps be it higher maps or otherwise?

Cast On Damage Taken: The level requirement of gems augmented by Cast on Damage Taken may not exceed the level requirement of the Cast on Damage Taken gem.


Purity: Now grants no maximum resistances.

RIP purity
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Remind me of the need to nerf everything in a hack'n'slash rpg? t_t
cryptc wrote:
Still plenty of options, even at level 17 it procs quite regularly in maps, especially against bosses (when it would be most useful), and having it at high level also makes damage spells more useful for it, Cold Snap comes to mind.

It means that you should work on your defenses, on my main even on lvl 1 it procced so rarely that I was thinking to drop it. Thanks GGG, to take this decision for me.
Anticipation slowly dissipates...
Nah. Why do tell us about such big changes (making CwDT totally useless) just before patch is going live? People still will buy overpriced CwDT till they see that they threw money away... Nice time for jew sellers.
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