1.0.1 Patch Notes

What about map only uniques? wasnt there supposed to be a change in map drop uniques this patch???
defil3d wrote:
cryptc wrote:
defil3d wrote:
I'm sad to see CoDT being nerfed so hard, I agree it was a really overpowered gem and BIS for any hardcore player, but I was expecting the values of total damage to be swapped instead. That way it would get better as we leveled it and it wouldn't be much of a complaint.

This is your call GGG, but I feel solo players are being screwed over pretty hard.

Thanks for the awesome patch notes though, I was excited to see the map boss reward buff!

That would made it utterly useless at low levels with mobs doing less damage making it proc practicly never, so never a viable solution to just swap the progression.

Of course, but scaling the damage taken based on level, wouldn't that be viable?

I don't think so, but an interesting idea another poster about it being connected to % of your life though, that could have had potential. I think the current solution sounds good though, hopefully this gem won't get completely changed every few weeks trying to balance it further...
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Just sold off my Cast when Damage Taken gem for 12 fusings. I'm lucky that some folk haven't read the notes yet!
Bad stuff GGG. How exactly has solo play drastically increased. You ananyse trends and make decisions without sharing the detail with the community.
entheos42 wrote:
I love the map adjustments. Sounds like climbing the map level tiers will go quicker along with more rewards. Thanks!

haha, i think we will still be disapointed with map drops :)

its gonna be something like this :

curently you have 0.00005 chance to get +1 lvl map
and in 1.0.1 you will have 0.00006

this is shit. i shit on your patch. Remember what you said? "noo we will not touch cast on damage taken anymore" mhm i see...liars!

Cast On Damage Taken: The level requirement of gems augmented by Cast on Damage Taken may not exceed the level requirement of the Cast on Damage Taken gem.


You're only here for a week and already shitting on the game. Well, good bye then, you won't be missed.
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well 1 last day to play until codt is done
and my char most likely will rip cuz i loose a shit ton of survability
thx GGG
3k codt procc from 4k of my life
leaves me with my defensive abilitys and 1k rest hp left
sounds like its worth it LOL
CoDT has been in the game since 3 weeks - so what?
it hasnt been in beta and not testet and its okay like it is now.
there should be builds made around a support gem, but builds enhanced by support gems!

there shouldnt be any gems, which you dont need to level to be best!
and finally the quality counts. I will use that with cold snap, ele prof and molten shell now.

good patch notes!
Please work on fixing UI and these lags when we open trade chat during maps. Its so annoying to have fps down to 5-10 if you have any public chat open.

Another thing, please let us disable those msg's when someone come online or change status.... its too annoying.
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Great patch, as usual! :)
My wishlist: Hi-res digital artbook
Allow spaces in character names
Vulkan and Linux support
Opensource the game

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