1.0.1 Patch Notes

Oh, forgot to add - where's the nerf to Neon's build?
Permanently freezing 78 map bosses in a 6 man party.
Seems legit, Chris.

video for reference
http://www.twitch.tv/helmannn/b/478235142 10:20:41
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Good patch exept, the aura/solo-build-whype again!

We never get to run all the ress auras in solo on decent build. I prever playing solo becouse all the lag i get in group,.. but now..

Why changing the auras total again if its a group problem? Then change it in group!

For the rest good patch.
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Cast on Damage Taken should have had a radius associated with it. This way melee can still use the combo, while ranged would have it proc when they get mobbed (which is when they need it).
cryptc wrote:
defil3d wrote:
I'm sad to see CoDT being nerfed so hard, I agree it was a really overpowered gem and BIS for any hardcore player, but I was expecting the values of total damage to be swapped instead. That way it would get better as we leveled it and it wouldn't be much of a complaint.

This is your call GGG, but I feel solo players are being screwed over pretty hard.

Thanks for the awesome patch notes though, I was excited to see the map boss reward buff!

That would made it utterly useless at low levels with mobs doing less damage making it proc practicly never, so never a viable solution to just swap the progression.

Of course, but scaling the damage taken based on level, wouldn't that be viable?
Awesome. Purity and Cast on Damage Taken WERE way too powerful. Hurrah for forcing people to make interesting choices with tradeoffs instead of picking what was obviously the strongest.

Continued to incrementally improve the sound, art, effects and environments.

Will this improve my FPS by any chance or make it worse?

There is no point in buying cosmetic items when my game looks like this
texture_quality 10 and custom resolution

And I still get mean FPS spikes.

I really don't feel like buying a new computer/parts just to maybe get rid of my FPS issues with Path of Exile when I can play pretty much any other game just fine.
Glad to see you making changes for purity/damage taken as these gems were clearly head and shoulders above most other ones.

However, I don't think the route you took was anywhere near as elegant as your regular fixes.
Wow, heavy nerf to CODT, preaty sad, this gem was awesome, preaty desapointing, strange, GGG is starting to be more like blizzard, introducing awesome things, making people love it, and them removing it from the game leaving behind just a bitter taste, so sad
Don't forget to remove your first build of the week video when the patch hits live, because none of it will be true after that, thanks guys, I love seeing this continuing hate against solo players.
thumbs up for balance, y'all

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