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_Nerevarine_ wrote:
Thanks. At least now I feel like I have a chance.

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So.... just my opinion, which i am entitled to, so all trollers...well idc what ya have to say.

IN MY OPINION, Shav's and Kaom's should be THE ONLY 2 uniques on the list that are map drop only. the rest should be moved to be certain ilvl's ranging from piety to dom, except andvarius, which should be able to be gotten from anywhere post lvl 8. i know that this would make ppl rage cuz they want shav's and kaom's to be available anywhere, but if you really want to make maps worth doing, there needs to be uniques worth having that can only drop there. that being said, make it so it only drops in maps, not that it only drops in extremely high level maps. and don't make chances ilvl dependant. there has to be a way to tag it so that they can't drop in certain levels outside the maps but can drop in those level maps. just consider this. now proceed with the trolling, idc.
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_Nerevarine_ wrote:
Thanks. At least now I feel like I have a chance.
Ciemjke wrote:
Name me a single reason to do maps over Piety runs, and I'll give you 10 why Piety is better.
I really hope GGG keeps in mind how 100% of players doing the one most efficient exp/farm run worked out for the player base in that other game that cannot be named.

I'm sure one of the reasons GGG introduced the list of uqniues that only drop in high level in maps was to address this issue. However, you can see how the majority of the community reacted to that.

I agree with you that at the current state, Piety runs are far more superior to get loot than maps, no matter how you look at it. Maps are only good for people who want to level to the 90s.
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Andvarius unique ring needs to drop outside of maps as well.
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I think kaom's and shavs should be the only ones that move to dropping outside maps.

I really like the idea that vertain powerful uniques only frop from high-end maps, but at the same time if you wish to gamble currency you have a chance to get any one you want. Kinda brings all the uniques to a Goddess Scorned type of method where you'll moslty only get it if you WANT to get it, rather than flooding the market with tons of "oh hey look at that" drops.
Flask fix is all I care about in this one :3
I was kinda disappointed since I expected a hotfix for the flasks within 30 minutes, but oh well, thanks anyway.
Chris wrote:
enigma1406 wrote:
Only Kaom's Heart and Shavronne's removed from map only list?

In this patch, yes. There's intense discussion about this still going in the office but we wanted to get this patch out to fix the bad flask issue.

I think the initial idea of locking out the best uniques behind maps was a good one. I (and I believe most of the people) just didn't agree on the ridiculous ilvl requirement you guys set. I don't think people will think that it's unfair to put Shav/Kaom's and other items of similar power at an ilvl of 73-4.

Kaom's Heart: 74
Shavronne's Wrappings: 74
Voltaxic Rift: 74
Void Battery: 72
Thunderfist: 72
Mon'tregul's Grasp: 70
Rathpith Globe: 70 (does this item really deserve to be on a list like this, though?)
Devoto's Devotion: 73
Lioneye's Remorse: 71
Ming's Heart: 73
Auxium: 72
Andvarius: 70
Lioneye's Glare: 71
Divinarius: 69

This is how I would personally deal with this. At any rate, thank you guys for not being afraid to go backwards in line with feedback/suggestions and doing it so quickly. Trial and error - there's no other way to do it. But maybe next time give out some more info before-hand to gauge the public's opinion (or at least to the best/most knowledgable players). Will also prevent people from wasting large amount of currency trying to chance things :)

As for a way to reward people playing 75+ maps regularly, I think they would be incredibly happy with a higher drop rate of said maps :). Nothing crazy, but maybe preventing bricks from maps with 90-100% IIQ? Or making it so the map boss is guaranteed to drop (or maybe 70% chance?) a white map of the same level of the map the boss was in.

<3 GGG
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