1.0.0f Patch and Data about League Distributions and Map-only Uniques

great so you cant find a koams unless your running 76+ maps, oh yeah and the kaoms you now find are half as good as the thousands of legacy kaoms that are already available. sweet so before it was very rare to find a high end unique before you got into the 75+ maps, now its impossibly for people to get high end uniques until they can pool up a bunch of 76 maps........ well i didnt grind much before so i wont lose much since theres no point in grinding now.....
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Why they even think gating the uniques like this is good for their game is mind blowing. Solo players = screwed. Maybe they are trying to shed players from their game for cheaper server bills.....
Hukusuke wrote:
This is the beginning of the end of this game.
Population increase and RMT explosion, This game will be like D3 soon.

You best hear this is GGG before you turn into a fucking D3.
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I'd suggest having those items drop in 66+ maps, according to their ilvl. This is the change that most people thought happened when 1.0 came in. There wasn't nearly the outrage over it then.
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