Further Update to Map-only Uniques

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Much better.
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Quoting myself from the last thread.
Aux wrote:
Having spoken with many of the employees at Grinding Gear, even playing with some I am fairly confident that these numbers will change, and with a quickness. I think they are level headed enough to realize when they made a mistake this detrimental to the game.

Very smart call. I knew you guys would make this call, but not this fast.
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that was quick
Can't wait for the patch. No reason in grinding before.
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So much better. Thank you!
Great news, thanks a lot for the update.
Is there a list to the map only uniques?
Great news! Personally I was a little demotivated as I'm not a fan of maps.

Thanks for listening to us <3

You guys rock!
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this is a little surprising for such a fast turn around.
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