Hi, I am wondering about my Fork gem. The gem has 30% less projectile damage as an attribute. I'm just wondering how that is applied. I'm using it with Split Arrow. Does it lessen the damage on the initial shots or is it only applied on the secondary shots that have forked after a hit? Thanks.
It does not specify anything, meaning it applies to all Projectiles.
he guys, i am new to PoE and today i got my first fork gem. but it doesnt seem to work. i tried it with my lightning arrow, doesnt work, explosive arrow and so on. and yes the sockets are linked.i hope anyone has an idea^^
How are you testing Fork? The Projectile splits when it hits an enemy and does not Pierce. If you're firing at a wall it won't do anything, and with 100% Chance to Pierce it's not going to trigger.
And "% increased" damage is ADDED to all your other % increases (from passives, active ability itself, skills, etc.) while "% less" damage is a flat multiplier made to the skill after accounting for any % increases.
It's worth noting that +2 maps are a dangerous thing.
They can cause players to get out of their depth -
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seems underpowered. LMP seems better in every case.
damage penalty reduced from 30% to 20% was totally justified.
now, mana multiplier to 115% or 120% would seem justified as well.
if LMP was mana mult 150%->160% or 170% only at 170% would i consider using fork.
This gem combines the flaws of multiple projectiles (it spreads out so it can't hit a column following you) and pierce (it only hits BEHIND the target, so it can't hit a row attacking you either). The only things it'll land hits against are clumps of enemies, which everything else can hit too, usually more effectively.

Needs massive buff to compensate for these flaws.
Please help this skill out. Fork is basically a bad LMP. It has the same damage scaling (70%), but it covers way less. When you fork something you're only going to hit the first target, then things behind diagonally. So if the enemies aren't quite behind them then you miss your damage. With LMP, you'll hit everything up front that fork would miss, and if there isn't anything that fork would miss then you'll hit the things fork would hit too. What's worse is that if you have stuff like pierce, LMP is way better since you'll shoot a line through a crowd, but fork splits off at sharp angles so you'll miss most of the group.

I think it's pretty well known that fork needs a buff. I think it's a cool support, but there's just no reason to use it over LMP right now. The mana modifier doesn't matter when your clear is worse and will likely have to spend an extra ability or two to clear a group.
@Moylin (Beyond)
Fork is trash. end of story.
Based soley on the language in the descriptions/tags for Fork and Molten Strike, Fork should indeed Fork the Molten Strike projectile.

My expectation linking molten strike to fork was that the projectiles would fork.

If this is not the intention, the wording should be changed to something like "Mortar" instead of "Projectile" to indicate that it's not a standard projectile.

I believe this would also free up the design team to make more interesting projectile mechanics in the form of Mortars while at the same time adding the ability to describe more accurately what supports affect what gems.
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