hello there,

I have a suggestion for the skill gem fork:

how about, making it, fork "Infinite" and making it a level 18 support gem.

If The Projectile hits something, it gets destroyed and split into two "smaller" Projectiles, each dealing (50-80)% of the Base Damage from the previous Projectile, it repeats until the Gem would deal (0)% of the Base Damage.

on 50% (100%-50=50-50=0) 2 forks, on 80% 5 forks (100%-20=80-20=60-20=40-20=20-20=0)

The "Destroy Projectile on Hit" feature would benefit gems like "Fireball" but not something like "Kinetic Blast".

This would help gem combinations to "clear maps with weak enemies" and help on "strong boss fights with good positioning".

the Anomalous version would split into 3 projectiles on each split, with the base damage lowered to (33-77)% the same amount of splits but with better coverage.

Thank you for reading.

kind regards

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