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Balance & Design
Last bumped on Dec 24, 2021, 6:35:30 PM
Progammer wrote:
I thought this was implied but never seen anyone saying it, does the forked projectile always does 50% of the original projectile's damage ? If so, a mention on the gem description would be nice
No it does not.
The inability to shogun applies to all projectiles created at the same time. If a projectile forks, the two new projectiles created count targets separately from those which were initially cast, and can potentially hit the same targets as them.
vankeris wrote:
I have tried this with my Poing Blank/Chin sol ranger and it seems to me like the forked projectiles aren't subject to point blank. Anyone else tried this?
Forked/chained projectiles currently count the point they forked/chained form as their origin. This may change in future.
CanHasPants wrote:
I haven't tested this to develop an opinion on balance, but currently I enjoy the idea of counting the point of contact from the original projectile as the point of origin for the forks. Not based entirely on things we already have, but things yet to come as well.. Creating a point of origin on contact creates an entirely new instance of the spell/skill used, which I (naively) imagine to be much more dynamic in build application than if it were otherwise treated as the same spell/skill just split in two.
Except that in pretty much every other way it is treated as the same thing split in two, and that's the intent.
A chained projectile is supposed to represent the same thing moving from target to target, not lots of different projectiles one after the other. Similarly, a forked projectile is thematically one projectile splitting into two, not two brand new projectiles.
UnDeaD_CyBorG wrote:
Well, then it really shouldn't count as multiple crits for the purpose of surgeons flasks, and neither should double strike.
No, it shouldn't. Are you saying it does - if so that's a bug. Double-strike definitely didn't used to have that bug, has it regressed?

EDIT: Testing with an infinite diamond flask indicates that neither Double Strike nor Forked projectiles count as separate skill crits for Surgeon's flasks, as intended.
Last edited by Mark_GGG on Dec 4, 2012, 6:41:23 PM
UnDeaD_CyBorG wrote:
I might have somehow mistaken this comment, then.
Or was that recently changed?
No, it's always been that way, Chris made a mistake. It happens occasionally (he's pretty good, though).
Fork can apply to projectiles. Freezing Pulse is one.
There may be ways in future to allow it to fork.

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