aimlessgun wrote:
Any confirmation on how chain works with Lightning Arrow yet?

Given two targets, is it:

A: Initial arrow hits, creates a non-splitting chain that bounces back and forth, and also creates an LA split that hits target2 and creates another non-splitting chain? Resulting in 8 hits (1 initial, 1 LA split, 6 chains)

B: Initial arrow hits, splits off a non-chaining hit, and creates a chain that also delivers splitting hits? Resulting in 8 hits again (1 initial, 3 chains, 4 LA splits)

C: Initial arrow hits, splits, only the split arrows chain. Results in 5 hits (1 initial, 1 LA split, 3 chains).

D: Something else?
I have no idea what you're talking about with "split" -0 lighnting arrow doesn't do anytihng that fits any normal definition of that word.

Lightning Arrow causes an AoE (with a maximum number of targets) each time the arrow hits something. If it chains, then each thing it chains through will cause the AoE, because each is hit by a lightning arrow.
so it was answer A explained with how i said answer D:
the arrow chains and each hit causes an AoE of what players understand is the splits. which matches lightning arrow's behavior with piercing.
Thanks Mark. Thinking about it as an AoE with capped targets is a lot better than using the word 'split'.

So the answer is B: LA hits target1, AoEs and hits target2, chains to target2, AoEs and hits t1, chains back to t1 and AoEs to hit t2, chains back to t2 and AoEs to hit t1. Result: 8 hits, 4 per target.
Chain has been the perfect addition to my ranged build. I am purely elemental with no increased Phys or Bow dmg passives. I utilize chain primarily with Ice Shot & Lightning Arrow as I have found them to be the most efficient.

The effectiveness of this build comes from the 2nd arrow
provides. The addition of Chain into the Ice Shot link combined with 40% Increased AOE Radius & 24% Increased AOE DMG, Projectile Weakness for Pierce & a second independent should I say this.. sets it the fk off.

Unlike the above example with Explosive Arrow where the final target procs the function (fuse sticks & explodes), Ice Shot gets full benefit on every target it pierces. Ice Shot's projectile is already faster than other attacks. 20% increased projectile speed makes it even faster, more or less instant.

Chain's maxed % quality bonus is right where it should be imo. 5% is noticeable.

DH arrows act independently of one another. This makes it possible for arrow 1 to hit a target while arrow 2 hits a different target, pierces & can fly back to hit target 1. Target 1 gets hit twice from 1 attack.

The 6th link is for IIQ & is not necessary to make this attack function.
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So if i use lightning strike with greater multiple projectiles only 3 original projectiles will chain or all 7 (3 from LS and 4 from GMP) will chain?
Vraarz wrote:
So if i use lightning strike with greater multiple projectiles only 3 original projectiles will chain or all 7 (3 from LS and 4 from GMP) will chain?

I think each lightning projectile will chain up to 3 times, am I right?
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I think each lightning projectile will chain up to 3 times, am I right?

Anyone can comment on this? It seems like if i use LMP only the original Arrow Chains.
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I just need a confirmation on this.

When used with the support or keystone 'Point Blank', does every time the arrow chains it acts as a new point of origin for point blank? Or are all the chained arrows based off initial starting position.
the answer was at begining of this thread...

Mark_GGG wrote:
Ice spear can never, chain without changing form. The first form always pierces, and thus never chains. If it chains from a monster, then it changed form before hitting that monster - but it may have done so just as it hit, and thus only just started the changing animation.

Ice spear's form change is triggered on distance from that spear's origin - in the case of chaining, each time it chains it has a new origin (the monster it chained from) so will start in the first form until it moves far enough from that monster.

despite how it is ice spear in question here, point blank works the same but for damage not extra effects.
Does pierce really help chain? For example, I'm currently playing a dual wield wand shadow and it's sort of hard to tell how it works, if my projectiles pierce a monster does it still trigger chain or does it only trigger on the final hit?

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