This gem reduces the melee dmg of lightning strike. is this intended?

i guess you did not make it "40% less projectile damage" because arc is projectile?
You link Chain to Lightning Strike, Chain has %Less Damage, Lightning Strike deals less damage. That's... How Supports work. Whether their positive bonus does anything at all doesn't matter.
So yes, it's intended.
Baki wrote:
This gem reduces the melee dmg of lightning strike. is this intended?

i guess you did not make it "40% less projectile damage" because arc is projectile?
Correct. Arc is not a projectile, and needs to be affected by chains damage modifier. Thus chain must modify all damage.
This results in chain affecting the melee part of lightning strike. We're quite happy with this, as it means using this support changes the balance of whether the projectile or the melee is the best source of damage, potentially altering how the skill should be used - that kind of interaction is good.
Which spell/ranged attack would be more reliable to combinate with chain and lesser multiple projectiles, for a total of 300% mana cost multiplier? And how about its damage output?
Currently i'm using burning arrow with chain and lesser multiple projectiles and faster projectiles, which makes burning arrow cost 26 mana per shot. If i use ice shot instead, it would cost 56 mana per shot.
I had never used chain, and I was confused when I heard a bit of talk about it (namely Mark's comment on explosive arrow). I was thinking that the mechanics of chain would be forking (like Diablo's [stupid] chain lightning), but actually it's like Mutalisk's glaive wurm, right?

If it split it would be quite illogical for it to not trigger the effect 3 times, but I can totally see it if it just hops.

The only abilities that will make more than one chain (assuming other projectiles hit other targets of course) is Ethereal Knives and Spark since they're the only abilities that have multiple projectiles [unmodified]?
edit: also split arrow and lightning strike
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How does chain interact with point blank? Is the damage decided based on the first target hit, or is each target hit individually calculated based on how far they are away from the attacker (when the projectile was fired?)
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it was mentioned in a different part of this thread or the fork thread that projectiles chained/forked reset the distance origin.
Any confirmation on how chain works with Lightning Arrow yet?

Given two targets, is it:

A: Initial arrow hits, creates a non-splitting chain that bounces back and forth, and also creates an LA split that hits target2 and creates another non-splitting chain? Resulting in 8 hits (1 initial, 1 LA split, 6 chains)

B: Initial arrow hits, splits off a non-chaining hit, and creates a chain that also delivers splitting hits? Resulting in 8 hits again (1 initial, 3 chains, 4 LA splits)

C: Initial arrow hits, splits, only the split arrows chain. Results in 5 hits (1 initial, 1 LA split, 3 chains).

D: Something else?
it is either C or D. which D is: arrow hits, chains, then splits on final hit.

i'm praying for C or B honestly... B is what happens with piercing so B is more correct from my understanding, but it is likely wrong. answer is definitely NOT A as that doesn't make sense because then both parts would be chaining, and that would be very bad.

we need people that has access to the pvp area to run tests via 3v3 (or technically 1v3). although sadly most people that do pvp do it for real >.>

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