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Last bumped on Jun 20, 2019, 10:14:05 PM
Waves_blade wrote:
Shinsoo wrote:

So wait...

Does that mean chain will NOT effect none-projectile spells?

A.K.A. can't attach chain to arc for 5 bounces?
No. Arc also has the "Chaining" tag that you can see here - which exists entirely because specifically because Arc is a non-projectile skill that can chain.
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Ice spear can never, chain without changing form. The first form always pierces, and thus never chains. If it chains from a monster, then it changed form before hitting that monster - but it may have done so just as it hit, and thus only just started the changing animation.

Ice spear's form change is triggered on distance from that spear's origin - in the case of chaining, each time it chains it has a new origin (the monster it chained from) so will start in the first form until it moves far enough from that monster.
TTerom wrote:
a) Fuse charge on the first target and no fuses on the 3 chains
b) Fuse charge on the first target and 3 fuses on the chains
c) No fuse charge on the first target and 3 fuses on the chains
d) Bo fuse charges anywhere
None of the above.
e) Fuse on the last target and no fuses anywhere else.

The arrow itself is what explodes, and it does this once it sticks into something - not on the things it passes through.
All skills treat chaining exactly the same as piercing for what triggers effects - just like an arrow doesn't stick into something it pierces through, it also doesn't stick into something it chains through. It sticks into the final thing where it stops moving, and that's what it explodes on.
Baki wrote:
This gem reduces the melee dmg of lightning strike. is this intended?

i guess you did not make it "40% less projectile damage" because arc is projectile?
Correct. Arc is not a projectile, and needs to be affected by chains damage modifier. Thus chain must modify all damage.
This results in chain affecting the melee part of lightning strike. We're quite happy with this, as it means using this support changes the balance of whether the projectile or the melee is the best source of damage, potentially altering how the skill should be used - that kind of interaction is good.
aimlessgun wrote:
Any confirmation on how chain works with Lightning Arrow yet?

Given two targets, is it:

A: Initial arrow hits, creates a non-splitting chain that bounces back and forth, and also creates an LA split that hits target2 and creates another non-splitting chain? Resulting in 8 hits (1 initial, 1 LA split, 6 chains)

B: Initial arrow hits, splits off a non-chaining hit, and creates a chain that also delivers splitting hits? Resulting in 8 hits again (1 initial, 3 chains, 4 LA splits)

C: Initial arrow hits, splits, only the split arrows chain. Results in 5 hits (1 initial, 1 LA split, 3 chains).

D: Something else?
I have no idea what you're talking about with "split" -0 lighnting arrow doesn't do anytihng that fits any normal definition of that word.

Lightning Arrow causes an AoE (with a maximum number of targets) each time the arrow hits something. If it chains, then each thing it chains through will cause the AoE, because each is hit by a lightning arrow.
jiussa wrote:
How the skill works: you fire 3 shots with LMP, the chain will only work one time for 2 of the projectiles, or twice for one of the projectiles, but not twice for all 3 projectiles.
That is not the case. Each projectile will chain twice if it can find targets to chain to.
raics wrote:
Actually, fireball does count direct hit and indirect AoE hits separate, if you take AoE nodes that increase area damage and hit a cluster of enemies you primary target will take the same damage while those around him will take more. Confirmed by devs on some occasion.
No, that is not the case. I suspect you're getting confused with cases where the projectile pierces - if the fireball pierces (or chains/forks) it clearly can't explode, so does non-aoe damage to the pierced target. But any time the projectile hits something and explodes, that thing and all things around it take the explosion damage. There is no non-aoe damage done by a fireball except in the pierce/fork/chain case where it doesn't explode.

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