<ACE> Alpha Crucis Exiles - Oceania Guild (Australia, New Zealand, Asia)

What's so forbidden about the sanctum? Find out with us. Join ACE
ACE still recruiting for Sanctum and 3.21. Reach out to play with chill and achieving players.
Chris Wilson: "Today was the proudest day of my life."
Sanctum for life! Join ACE to wrap up challenges and prepare for GGG events.
Chris Wilson: "Today was the proudest day of my life."
Join ACE!
3.21 - The Crucible (a severe test) is coming soon.

So is ACE's next major guild event. Our biggest ever. :)

Can't wait.
Chris Wilson: "Today was the proudest day of my life."
We find out league content this week and ACE has some fun events to go along with Crucible league. Join ACE today!
Final week before The Crucible league start. Plenty of Oceanic and SEA players returning for this powerful league.

Do you play in these regions and wish to join a knowledgeable guild to have fun with?

Come join us or PM me.
Chris Wilson: "Today was the proudest day of my life."
Join ACE today and play Crucible with us!
IGN: deefa • Guild: <ACE> Alpha Crucis Exiles - poeurl.com/wpA • Discord: deefa#3298
1. Will you be exclusively playing the Hardcore Challenge Leagues? Most of my time has been spent in SC, though I could be tempted to try some HC once more comfortable.
2. Is your PoE profile completely visible (including your Challenges and Characters tabs)? Yes
3. Do you play Path of Exile from Australia, New Zealand, Asia or elsewhere? Yes
4. Have you read the Guild Policies? Are you across our zero tolerance of RMT and cheating? Yes
5. Are you 18 years of age or older? Yes
6. Discord ID - e.g. PoEGamer#2013, optionally, you can PM this to Staff: Court#3564
7. How do you pass your Trial? use discord voice/text
8. What happens when moderation isn't heeded? dismissal
9. What are your aims and expectations by joining ACE? Diving deeper down the POE rabbit hole and making friends along the way.
10. General info about yourself (e.g. PoE accomplishments, gaming history, etc.): Have played many games for many years, have been fairly competitive at times.
I'm approaching 900hrs in POE and still feel like I've barely scratched the surface.
My favourite league has been delirium and I got to end game and did all ubers for the 1st time and loved it, have been struggling to find a build/league that I've clicked with as much but keep coming back.
12 hours until Crucible league start. Hype.
Chris Wilson: "Today was the proudest day of my life."

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