Cast when Stunned

A block and a stun are different mechanics.

This is why "block and stun recovery" does not say "stun recovery"
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Autocthon wrote:
A block and a stun are different mechanics.

This is why "block and stun recovery" does not say "stun recovery"

Thats what i thought but it seems like that in fact works like this :

When original hit would stun you and you block it you get the block animation and the block recovery kicks in. You dont receive any dmg but you get "stunned"(block animation) and cast when stunned triggers - didnt test it by myself but thats what ppl said in this thread.
This build wouldn't work at all if Block didn't trigger Cast when Stunned.
I have 4 "cast when stunned" (some with good Q) and 2 "cast when dmge taken".
I'm not using "cast when stunned" anymore; If you're not stun it can't proc and if you are stun, it may not proc.
A CWDT lvl1 always proc.

I believe these 2 gems must be reworked.
The first one could become "cast when stunned, ignited, frozen, chilled, shocked" and the second will stay "cast when dmge taken".

The first one could only proc when you become stunned, ignited... (i mean no proc during the effect of a status ailment).
The proc rate of the 2 should be the same.
The bonus given by the 2 should be the same.
You should have an interrest to level them.
Only one spell can be cast at a time per support gem to limit any abuse.
No more than one cast every sec.
Q : +0.5% spell dmge / lvl or +0.5% elemental penetration / lvl.

Exemple :
Cast when dmge taken :
lvl : dmge taken (in % of max life) - %proc - (spell dmge in %)
001 : 40 - 40 - (-10)
002 : 39 - 42 - (-8)
003 : 38 - 44 - (-6)
004 : 37 - 46 - (-4)
005 : 36 - 48 - (-2)
006 : 35 - 50 - (0)
007 : 34 - 52 - (1)
008 : 33 - 54 - (2)
009 : 32 - 56 - (3)
010 : 31 - 58 - (4)
015 : 26 - 68 - (9)
020 : 21 - 78 - (14)

Cast when stunned, ignited (bla, bla, bla) :
lvl : %proc - (spell dmge in %)
001 : 40 - (-10)
002 : 42 - (-8)
006 : 50 - (0)
010 : 58 - (4)
015 : 68 - (9)
020 : 78 - (14)
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fix the targeting plz
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I was interested in pneumas broken "cactaur" build, and after some testing I can confirm that there is multiple related bugs with this gem, likely due to casting FAR too many linked spells at once.

When you've got 5 cast on stun gems linked to multiple offensive spells each (10 total in my case) you can end up with 10 spells firing at once and the client will pause for multiple seconds as it struggles to draw all the spell effects. At this point gameplay either resumes in 2 seconds, or there are one of two different kinds of crash: in the first, the client pathOfExile.exe dies (either with a crash reporter catching this, or sometimes without, likely do the a video card or sound issue related to too many effects at once).
The second kind of crash, which is a lot more annoying is when the server executable hosting the instance will itself crash.

You can tell this happens when you ctrl+click to open the instance you were in, and you can see an instance with you still inside it which you are unable to join.

If this happens when you are hosting a map in the eternal labratory, the map will crash and noone will be able to enter it.
I only discovered this when someone with such a build joined a map I hosted, locking me out of it. I hope a bug fix is incoming, or perhaps a game balance fix :)
GAME CRASHING with this skill cuz too many skills casted?
fix targeting pls

i think the game crash when u link a cast on stunned with a inmortall call gem, i removed this gem and my game is no longer crashing and i still casting 8 skills.

edit: i crashed today with no inmortall call, so may be related only to multiple procs or to other particular skill.

edit 2: i think the crash is related to video card, i lowered texture from 1 to 3 and not getting anymore crashes
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This support is pefectly fine. I have 3 CwS linked to discharge, 1 CwS and 1 CwDT for utility, no active skills at all, exept auras. And running maps in almost AFK state, chatting, surfing web or even watching anime on my second monitor.
Chance to proc on stun could be little bit higher, though.
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After the 250ms change, would one stun still proc multiple skills on separate CWS links?
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Xymordos wrote:
After the 250ms change, would one stun still proc multiple skills on separate CWS links?

Cooldowns are global. All Skills linked to Cast when Stunned are in the same cooldown group.

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