Cast when Stunned

Cast when stunned needs a buff.


1. Multiple copies of the same skill don't trigger. This is counter intuitive for spells like summon skellies, raging spirits, wither, blade vortex, etc.

2. 50% Trigger Chance creates extreme inconsistency. It kills any utility uses for the gem. If passive stun builds are a problem, make it so that CwS prevents leech of gems cast or simply give it a huge damage nerf.

This was a really cool support idea, but it's far to ineffective at the moment to warrant building something around it. Which unfortunately, I just made the mistake of doing.

For perspective, the build was a high block % with multiple copies of the new Growing Agony jewel (2% increased viper strike attack damage per poison stack on enemy). The plan was to use CwS to proc blade vortex with poison support. Unfortunately, even at 50% block chance, I've only been able to get about 5 up at once.

I'm sure you'll agree that an investment like this...

should yield more reward than what is currently given.
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Since CI has become more mainstream and price of chayula skyrocketed, i decided to make a cast when stunned CI char (no scolds cuz hard to acquire + if i don't want to buy a chayula I certainly don't want to buy a scolds also i'm playing league)

It's pretty OK. Sucks ass against some bosses or slow mobs that attack like once a year, but a lot like most block builds u dont really have to worry much against giant packs being dangerous due to block + vaal pact leech.

Just gotta invest into single target links, just the way I like.
Tried linking flamedash with cwdt and this and dash never triggers.
I tried without cwdt, same. The tool tip and inventory show the gems linked. Worse even is that with cws linked, even cwdt doesn't trigger the dash (it works without). I tried changing the order too (dash before, dash after).

Any idea why?
SPTX wrote:
Any idea why?

A given Skill can never benefit from more than one Trigger at a time. That's all there is to it.
Nice skill to use with Tempest Shield.
Another setup would be Cold Snap + Elemental Proliferation, can save your life if you get yourself surrounded by enemies.
After several leagues of using Cast when Stunned Support with Valyrium on a life/regen build, I can say with a certainty that this is nothing more than pack kill gem at best. Bosses rarely attack enough to trigger it. So you lose 80-90% of your DPS in solo boss fights. Worse yet fights like Atziri where the minions march to heal her while ignoring you causing it to get to 100% loss of DPS and Atziri full heals as a result. I've done the research and know the devs do not want players to self stun EVER! That makes this the worst trigger in the game. This skill gem needs an update if you expect it to be used. Maybe built in unleaash support, iron will support, and a more damage mod. Or better yet a self stun gem that flags it to be ignored in the logs so the devs can still catch potential self stun situations.

Bottom line, this is hands down the worst skill gem in the game.
This gem might need a rework to make it somewhat reasonable alternative to on Crit, When damage taken and while channeling supports.

Maybe like: '"Cast supported spells when you become stunned or block a stunning hit, with X second cooldown."
100% chance when you become stunned
X% chance when you block a stunning hit'

Just my thoughts. Yea or nay?

Also I did not mention Cast on Melee Kill.

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