Cast on Death

I dont think there have to be viable builds around every single support gem, this one probably isnt the only one you cannot build an awesome build around easily.
But obviously isn´t it a great fun-gem?
It reminds me of these suicide chars on D2, which used rainbow facettes "on death" to kill stuff.
Kinda pointless of course, but surely some fun and why not kind of thing.

I could imagine a plain old discharge build with all charges available, you charge them up and then you die ... awesome ragnarök is awesome :D
Or link something funny just for the lols.
On HC Chars you could link something like storm call, shock nova, ice nova, just to have some flashy effects on your death, so it becomes a little less stupid.
At least then you could say "I went out with a bang!" :D
Think there are more than enough awesome and pretty OP builds and gems out there.
Well, I want Cast on Desync gem then. It would be even more fun :)
Question... if you have your portal + COD support gem in your secondary weapon loadout while you die using your main weapon loadout will it still produce a portal or do you have to have it equipped at the time.

Just wondering if I would have to swap loadouts just before dying or if it will summon portal in either case.
Can you use Skills in your second weapon set?
DarkTl wrote:
Well, I want Cast on Desync gem then. It would be even more fun :)

even with 1% trigger chance would be too strong
ign: reidan
If I have,
boots: CoD + discharge
gloves: CoD + discharge

Both will fire upon death. I know this. Will both discharges use the same pool of frenzy/power/endurance charges? Or will one discharge use the pool of charges and the other discharge just trigger as if there were no charges?
Desync in a nutshell -
You get one Discharge using all your Charges, and a whiff.
I'm going to quote a post I made on another thread, which is related to this gem.

I think the mechanics of the Cast on Death gem need to be fixed with minions.

People abused the bug mechanics with it, yes, but that was relating to Raising a Zombie / Specter and gaining the bonus of CoD..... without the minion being dead. That is the key factor.

The gem should only trigger after your minion has died. Not before.

My thoughts of using the gem uniquely is another form of zombie explosions, discharge.
With the combination of minion instability, your minions dying would be useful.
Raise Zombie -> Cast on Death -> Discharge

A simple three link, with powerful results.

I've just started a summoner build, and thought about using this combination, but sadly realize it's not longer possible.

I've been struggling with minions surviving on tough boss fights, such as Dominus or Piety, or even Kole. Otherwise I've not had many problems while leveling. (Level 53 currently)

I hope this can be fixed and used properly and creatively.

I think this gem could be a very useful for summoners in general, but because of the bug abuse it had to be removed. Hopefully just temporarily.
"The absence of evidence is not the evidence of absence."
CoD has a good use in 3v3 pvp matches. I've used it on casters which enables an extra layer of protection discouraging opponents from blindly rushing you with close quarters attacks/spells.

It's also hilarious watching people being killed with it, and talking out a whole team with one death. :)
IGN: _Firebitch
If that shit worked with totems...

Soul Mantle [ + Righteous Fire + Increased Burning damage + Cast on Death + Spell Totem + Righteous Fire + Increased Burning damage ]

It would be a loop... ...of awesomeness.
Dream with me !

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