Cast on Death

Hi Mark

Why can't this gem simply be nerfed a bit to allow its usage on minions? Is it to powerful for minions?

COD is the kind of buff MI needs for summoners to think its a viable keystone.

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I'm not sure how creating a Minion when you die could be a buff to Minion Instability. That, after all, is what linking Cast on Death to a Minion skill would do. If you want Minions to explode in Ice Nova, that'd have to be something fundamentally different from Cast on Death.
cool for portal, anything else, you should probably change your strategy since unfortunately suicide kills don't negate -10% xp

hence my biggest problem with this gem,

someone made this the same time they were also pooping their pants.

or... well, realized tp after you die is really neat.

not sure which.
I still don't get whats the point of this?
According to the wiki in PvP skills supported by CoD do 75% less damage.

So is it just a skill for fun? A pure portal thrower? Don't get it.
it might not be a replacement fact, as it doesn't scale, thus damage boost is as follows:
cast on death' (lv 20 is +304% more damage so...) 4.04 * 0.25 (from 1-0.75) = 1.01 multiplier

sad but when there's a build/tactic/plan/setup that can kill anything via dying... imagine nerfing that so that it can only kill unique and rare mobs instead of bosses =p, thats pvp's thinking.
my ideas maybe were already posted sometimes but anyway.

idea 1:
make it work while equipped in the second weapon slot;
the game in it's state is kinda useless atm and that way you could use it without the drawback of using an otherwise good slot in the gear.
it could be used for opening a portal or revenge killing the enemy the mob that got you.

idea 2:
completley change the gem and make it so that after you died you get a few seconds or something like that fighting as a ghost, giving you a chance to kill the mob that got you. maybe that would be op, but since dying already has a huge drawback with the 10% ep loss it could at least give you the satisfaction to take some enemies with you or finishing the boss that otherwise would have survived with 1%
Question : Does Cast on Death work with Spell echo ?
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Achilion wrote:
Question : Does Cast on Death work with Spell echo ?

Triggers cannot repeat, no.
This has to be the most useless support in the game. It screams for a rework.

I am surprised it wasn't changed with the release of Maw of Mischief; it would make the skill so much less clunky if you could create new minions upon your minions' death.
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So, maybe I’m alone here but cast on death has been my favorite skill gem since it was added to the game.

The gem received a massive nerf several years ago when all triggered skill damage was nerfed and hasn’t had a significant change since other than alt quality being added in heist. Since it’s only used to trigger portal and hasn’t been used for damage since dominus was still endgame content, is there any way this skill can be revisited for balance?

Honestly, it’s kind of fun to play a dedicated cast-on-death boss killer but the damage scaling isn’t there with the last 5 years of power creep and multiple phase bosses. It’s not going to ruin the meta by any means, and even if you doubled the damage scaling it would not be possible to kill shaper before running out of portals even with perfectly min-maxed suicide gear.


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