Cast when Damage Taken

When 100% of players use something it's for a reason : too powerful / easy, conclusion it had to be adjusted ...
*Cast On Damage Taken: The level requirement of gems augmented by Cast on Damage Taken may not exceed the level requirement of the Cast on Damage Taken gem.
*Fixed a bug where people logged in to play
Yesterday i had some client crashes when i linked this trigger with summon spectre. Cant recall what other spells i connected with the damage taken trigger gem. Anyway client crashes stopped when i removed summon spectre from beeing triggered. Seems like some kinda bug.
i think the best nerf for CoDT would be

50% mana cost on lvl 1 with -2% reduce for each level
no mana - no cast

1 heavy abusers will be nerfed the most
2 normal people - still may use it but not mandatory (as now)
3 leveling the gem may become useful
There is no solution. Just remove the gem.

i can dream of a lot of overpowered combinations and nothing will fix it:

cwdt + endurance cry + immmortal call + discharge + ... (critical strike chance, area of effect, lightnig penetration, life leech)

with 7 power charges jump right into a group of mobs and wait until you get hit, (recast discharge), jump out of the zone with no risk at all
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no simple fix on this gem is: 100% chance to cast supported spell ON Uwhen u take a total dmg 440++, so its simple support U and cant cast offencive spells and curse (good for pvp balance)
100lvl mele pvp QUIT
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if i link Cast when dmg taken to edn cry
1 )can it proc more than 1 every 4 seconds, actually ignoring the CD of End cry?

2) and if i use molten shell and it assobrs some dmg, do that dmg block the gem?

let's make some exemple, i have lvl 1 cast on dmg taken, so 440 dmg required.
i have molten shell on: 500 dmg shield.

If i take 500 dmg the gem will not proc (but molten explode)
if i take 500+441 dmg the molten explode and the gem proc

If i take 1k dmg in 1 hit, do the gem proc?

1. Nope.

2. Molten Shell does not Absorb damage. It simply grants an amount of Armour. The damage reduction from the Armour bonus will reduce Damage Taken, making it take very slightly longer to trigger CwDT.
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thx a lot, sry for my bad eng :/
Jayserix wrote:
When 100% of players use something it's for a reason : too powerful / easy, conclusion it had to be adjusted ...

or they wanna give it a try to the new gem and see what's all about it

OR ... they keep experimenting with it to find a build/setup they like ....
Long Live the Templars !!!!
This gem should be only a defensive one
-Linked spell can't deal any dmgs

And 20% mana reduction by linked spell (but not support gem) after the first one (cumulative with other codt gems)
Or a much larger cd (like 3 sec)

A big nerf seems to be the only solution :ack:

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