Cast on Melee Kill

Calm down folks - it's a gimmick gem and someone will find an OP use for it.
Maybe linked to a melee type attack that doesn't use a lot of supports like leap or whirly blade.

Leap with COMK linked with artic breath and GMP might be cool or something like that .
Hi there I have a question:
Does the linking/colour order plays a role?
Let's say I have a 5 link


ground slam+added meele+ life leech+ cast on mk+ detonate dead
now: does the life leech also supports the detonate dead? or only my ground slam?

ground slam+added meele+ cast on mk+ detonate dead +life leech
here the same question in different order?

More in general: doe support gems support both the melee skill and the spell (if possible from the gems) or does it depend on the order of the linking?!

If the order plays a role this would need some more chroms and thinking I fear... ;)
and if not.... that would be AWESOME!

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Everything in the same chain is linked together. Otherwise it'd be really hard to get four supports on a skill, let alone five :P Having multiple Skill Gems doesn't change this behaviour.
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that is what I thought and wanted to hear ;)
Just wanted to be sure

what does "melee kill" means exactly?

i mean if you kill someone with the dot portion of viper strike or puncture is it melee? If you kill someone with the explosion damage of infernal blow is it melee? How does culling strike ineracts with it? etc


Finally a reason to level this ,also making every melee Attack like a mini infernal blow :)
I'm still fuzzy on how exactly this gem is to be used... Any skill linked to COMK is unable to be used directly by the character, so if the only way to activate COMK (and the skill you'd like to have activated) is to USE the other skill that's linked, we've got a bit of a quandary don't we?

For example, if I have Ice Spear + COMK + Arc I am no longer able to use Ice Spear or Arc directly, and those two skills are the only way to ACTIVATE the COMK skill, right?

So... How do I use this thing?
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The description explicitly states that Supported Melee Attacks have a chance to cast. Arc and Ice Spear are neither Melee nor Attacks.
you only need a 4 link item for this gem to be effective the simplest combo is cleave,multi strike,COMK and detonate dead then with a 6 link you can get some crazy combos remember that the supports will be used twice on both the activating skill and the activated skill E.G added fire damage on the above combo.

Even with only 4 links its a great gem.
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Can this trigger more than once on an attack?

If I kill 5 things with reave, and this is attached, will it cast 5 instances of the attached spell?

Was hoping for 5 firestorms off of a single reave attack.

Would flicker strike+cast on death+lightning warp+multistrike be funny?

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