Cast on Melee Kill

"Please remove me from the Game. Existence is Painful"
But hey let's make a support skill gem that lets wand users cast on attack and get bonus from it....

I've been wanting to build around this but just can't. It's FUN to use but not really effective.

I'm hoping that with the addition of Spellslinger they get around to either adjusting this gem or putting it down for good.
This support gem desperately needs the following change:

Spells linked to Cast on melee kill will always trigger when killing an enemy even if the melee skill is not in the same link as Cast on melee kill.

To improve melee and to make cast on melee kill actually usable

Damage would need to be adjusted
Need more brains, exile?
Last edited by MasterTBC on Mar 27, 2020, 12:22:35 AM
Can this gem be changed to Cast on every X hit? starting from
lvl 1 every 20 hits
lvl 20 every 10 hits
lvl 30 every 5 hits?

Would make it in line with coc builds in some way but not needing a critical strike to trigger it
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