Cast on Melee Kill

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Balance & Design
Last bumped on Mar 27, 2020, 12:18:11 AM
Floytesangen wrote:
How does this gem interact with lightning strike? The projectiles scale off your melee damage
No, they don't.
Floytesangen wrote:
but are they considered "melee" for the purposes of this gem?
No, projectiles are not considered "melee" for this gem or anything else.
Velkor wrote:
Sleus wrote:

~sorry for the caps but i just want it to be easily read. ty again.

Well, the caps accomplished exactly the opposite. So it was a very bad idea. Using caps on the internet is like screaming.
Velkor is right - being in all caps makes your post harder to read, not easier.
Yes. Cast on Melee Kill works like it does for good reasons, and we are very unlikely to make the changes you're suggesting because they'd be horrible for balance.

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