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Where do you get this gem?
Can you tell us how this works?

Like, does it need to be linked to a melee skill gem AND a spell (and only work with that skill)? Or does it only need to be linked to a spell and works on ALL melee kills?

What if there are multiple spells linked to it?
I tried it with enduring cry and it doesn't seem to work. :(
Coal48 wrote:
I tried it with enduring cry and it doesn't seem to work. :(

I just tryed doing this as well as I couldn't see anything else worth attaching really. It doesn't work... I think it should should it not? Or does it have to be linked to melee skill? If so that is kind of dumb because you should be able to have a chance on a reg attack to trigger spell.

edit: Just tested with leap slam linked to melee on kill and freezing pulse (didn't have links to try with enduring cry)... It appears you need to be linked to the melee skill as well... Which is ultra lame... Freezing pulse procs so I imagine the same case would be with enduring cry
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Animate guardian doesn't work either... What does work??? Or is this support broken atm?
I fear that this trigger is not going to be used as is.
The reason ? It needs to be linked both with the skill you want to cast and your primary killing attack. Both of these skill gems will probably be needing lots of sockets, especially your primary skill( which you want to be dead killy ).

I suggest removing the constraint on needing to be bound to a specific attack skill and instead make it apply to all melee kills ( including melee-inflicted DoT/secondary effects ).

The same goes with the on crit trigger.
Tha use cases for this gem as is are sparse at best. The trigger condition, sockets and mana cost of triggering(if this applies, i am unable to play at the moment) alone are pretty big constraints already.

Conversely, on damage taken and on stun are going to see loads of use because they will likely trigger frequently and don't need to be linked to anything beyond the spell to cast.

No need to point out how little use on death is going to see( unless it somehow prevents the damage that would kill you ).
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can someone link the gem. you'll get more answers if we can actually see the tags on the gem.
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i don't know how it works, but as the user above tested then i only see it being good in items such as bringer of rain where you already have 3 support gems implemented into the item itself.

But even then i can only think of a facebreaker build where you link cyclone or infernal blow+added fire+spell+trigger gem (faster attacks and melee physical are already on the helm)
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Xalmaren wrote:
can someone link the gem. you'll get more answers if we can actually see the tags on the gem.

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