1.0.0 Release Patch Notes

the new mana reserve reduced node behind BM node is;

A) (1-30%) * mana reserve, for example 0.7*60% = 42% or
B) reserve - 30%, for example 60%-30% = 30% ??
It should be multiplicative, so A) ( Basically, "less" or "more" means multiplicative, and "increased" or "decreased" mean additive in PoE, this is why the 12% more Energy Shield node after CI is powerful i.e. ).

So basically, even with stacking all the reduced reserved mana nodes, Blood Magic builds are fucked really hard by this patch ( even with 1 aura running ).
The only aura they can really run without gimping themselves ( speaking about costs ) is ... clarity !

so people that tell you things like "omfg look at the tree, there is a f**king mana reserved reduced node after blood magic ! stop talking before even looking at it ! auras are still good for BM builds" have a problem with basic maths or are just simply kinda dumb.
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the issue for me is not they fxxk BM up bad, it's the mana reserve reducton is BEHIND BM node!!!!, if they ever put the mana in front of BM, it's a buff.
It woudln't change a thing for BM, BM is the main problem here, BM builds basically gimp themselves hard if they use even one aura and this isn't normal since those auras bring such huge advantages.

I am not a BM player ( I have one BM char, and I won't know how I will spec him now ... ), but I just find this completely unfair and dumb :/.

It is still possible to play ( non - BM ) with auras, but it needs changes on the spec and gear ( since purity .... oh well ). And needing to re-find expensive gear because of that .... -__-"
SweetBreaker : thread 823111 ( /!\ this build is weird .... and old /!\ ).
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that mana node only serves one purpose -- running aura, if it's infront of BM, you use it combining reduced mana gem, can cut half of 60% reserve easy, meaning you run at least 3 aura, maybe 4 without touching BM skill at all, your main and off hand are on BM gem, so most of the aura build can still run 3-4 auras, instead of 5-7. now it's completely down to 2 aura at the most.
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The point of this node is to make auras usable with BM ..... There would be no point putting it before it.
Now, it's still not enough for BM to use aura without too much sacrifice =/, but it's intended, that people without BM can't use it.

And with reduced mana lvl 20 + this one, it would still need 12%reduced mana reserved with alpha's howl to reach 60% reduction, this is not really what I'd call "easy", especially in this side of the tree.

And one can still run 3 auras with purity/clarity, or even 4 with the right build ( it needs to include clarity and purity thought, and to sacrifice quite much for it ).
SweetBreaker : thread 823111 ( /!\ this build is weird .... and old /!\ ).
I have alpha hood, and 20q reduced mana, 60%->38.6% rserve if touch the mana node, it will have less than 30% reserve, but points is unless it's a low-life build, you dont mix BM skill (not BM gem though) with mana reserve.

Dont care about purity, I am max 77% without it, that extra 2% like Chris_GGG said basically is GGG's intend not to get ANY build has OP resist, you dont want something like D3, barb with good gears can get up to 99% resist, it kills the game. I like the direction GGG is heading. Players are meant to be scared and one-shot no matter how good their gears are, that way in fact is a magnet to get back ppl participate more in the game.
No ... it probably won't work like that ....

60-> 38.4% => 36% less mana reserved.
38.4*0.7 = 26.88 => 55% less mana reserved.
your base statement was : "can cut half of 60% reserve easy".
so, no. You would need I think something like 12% mana reserved reduction from nodes more for this.

that still makes 27% of your life for one single aura with blood magic -> gimp, dumb.

Point IS : they want people with BM to have a solution to use auras.
BUT they have done it wrong.

And btw, quality on reduced mana does not matter when it's about auras.
SweetBreaker : thread 823111 ( /!\ this build is weird .... and old /!\ ).
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Fruz - kid- cry us all a fuckn' river...

All good changes GGG keep up the good work :)
Fruz - kid- cry us all a fuckn' river...

always love those arrogant ego-boosted players, they never bring anything ever though.

Thx for making me smile <3
SweetBreaker : thread 823111 ( /!\ this build is weird .... and old /!\ ).

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