1.0.0 Release Patch Notes

i have bow with pre-release "tempered" flat phys dmg mod. if i divine it, will i get new "tempered" mod for two handed weapons?

That is the million dollar question. I've read old posts about this subject and many people have found the answer to be "No".

I would really like to see a confirmation from GGG if this is intended or not and still in place.
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Why did you think it was ok to nerf Soul taker? <,<

That item is so fucking rare, seeing 1 is like winning the fucking lottery. There are like tons of other Yellow items that have higher dps, all thought they don't offer the same "unique" prefix's this 1 have, i don't see why nerfing the % dmg to the weapon was done in such an extreme manner, it went down like over 120DPS...
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