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Hi guys, can anyone assist me please, trying to craft a good es hubris out of my enchanted one ... so far i got this ...but i dont know what to do next ? should i exalt it ?

I've been going over this guide, but having a few problems when finding the correct stats to base my weapon off of. Trying to decide on using a Divine or perhaps a few on this Thicket Bow.

Basically I want to know if the Elemental stat can be bumped up to 30's etc.. without affecting the fire/lightning stats on it.

And then from there I'm looking to add Elreon's Meta-Mod, and add attack speed, and another.

Or should I just use another Deafening essence of wrath on it and hope for a better roll as the bleeding is useless for me, but I'm an Elemental Tornado Shot build.
Best crafting guide ever. clearer than any youtube crafting guide out there. A lot more people would play this game if threads gave examples like this. Perhaps something the devs of the game should encourage instead of coming out with new expansions so frequently :p
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i have a some questions about craft unique equipments first +1 number of zombies is a prefixe or siffix ? then if i use work bench of Catarina for a base type equipment of a unique equipment when use orb of chance will lost +1 zombies ? the prefixes cannot be changes and suffixes cannot be change provide of Catarina and haku will prevent the mod of my base ítem dimish when use orb of chance and get lucky of unique equipment. If my base ítem i get have 6 links will dimish when upgrade with orb of chance to unique equipment ?
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