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Looks useful - my only suggestion is that you constantly switch between "mod" and "affix" when referring to mods, it would be useful to explain at the start of the post that the two mean the same thing, or standardise (preferably to 'mod', because that's the term we use).
Invalesco wrote:
Afghani84 wrote:

I really like the guide. but i don't really understand how prefix and suffix work every time. for example, I have this 2h:

The ilevel is 13, so for the lightning dmg it should be somewhere between 1 and 14-15 (Buzzing). Even if I add the Humming category, I don't get over 20 max dmg. So my question is: why is the lightning dmg so high on this one?

good question. No idea. that lightning damage mod can't be from the snapping category coz if it were the case, the required level on your driftwood maul would be 17 not 10. Plus the maximum roll on the snapping category is +23 anyway.

only reason I can think of is that the lightning damage prefixes on the website aren't accurate. Either that or there's a bug with the crafting system. Gonna need a dev response.

Buzzing 13
Local Minimum Added Lightning Damage 1 to 2
Local Maximum Added Lightning Damage 23 to 25

Note that on the prefix table you are looking for Weapon-only Elemental Damage.

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