Path of Exile Release Information

blevins wrote:
with at least 20 years of gaming under my belt this is one of the most solid games ive ever had the pleasure of playing. thanks for the hard work.. it is much appreciated

I agree great job guys!
очень хочется поблагодари разработчиков этой игры и сказать им спасибо.
что касается лагов во время игры ребята исправляйте срочно это можно легко исправить не скупитесь вкладывайте больше денег в модернизацию все окупиться уже через год.
Good game !!!
Всё чётко
nice, thank you all for the game, cures my D2 fix for the time being.
all I know is that I don't know anything at all
Wipe beta characters!!! It's so stupid start playing now if there is 2 years old economy and people with high end gear.
Wohoo... nearly finished downloading!
Waiting for Server Opening...
See you guys in Nemesis =P
Respect you guys, keep up the good work!
YAY!Its here the Release of Path of exile!!!! I cant wait to see where it will go :D thank you grinding gear games you're AMAZING!!!!! :D :D :D :D
Amazing, I think i'll open the Scion but how do you get it? by finishing the game on normal?
After so much time, finally!
I am proud to be a supporter and a closed beta tester of this wonderful game! :)

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