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Isn't today the 23rd? Or do I gotta wait 20 hours or sumthing.
Nice !
Last edited by ezecwb on Oct 23, 2013 12:30:48 AM
Yeah, I'm stoked, haven't played in a while now, perfect time to get back into it!
Completed 11 ChallengesZoen wrote:
Dueling: Just right click a character in town and select "Duel". If they accept, both of your parties will be teleported to an Arena.

I hope to God there's an "ignore Duel requests" option, otherwise people in town who're just trying to quest or move stash stuff around will have to put up with constant duel request spam...

^ yes, please. Some of us Carebears just want to grind mobs and sort inventory. And play in those awesome awesome league races. :)

Back on topic, congrats GGG! Awesome work!
I wish i could play around with the new passive tree while i wait :P

Look nice. Will wait ^^
wtf, i came back as they said release and still no Cut throat league?

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