Path of Exile Release Information

Really pleased with the guild support.

More wtb more info about Guilds :). That's super exciting.
IGN: Melkrow
Tempest Shop:
Nerd boners incoming.
If you read this you owe me an exalt.
If your friends aren't playing Path of Exile, are they really your friends?
IGN = @MattFromSweden
How long will the guild tags be? 2-4 letters?
[Hardcore league]
IGN: Jeria / Metalgrid
can't wait!

Diamond Guild, go!
Best game of 2013?
♦▲◄▼►▲♦ @Kadush ♦▲◄▼►▲♦
I am SO ready for launch night. The new leagues, the new challenges, the new monsters, the new quests, the new zones, the new skills, so many new potential builds, guilds... come what will, I am all in.
Could you say anything about item restrictions for the new leagues?

(Onyx & Khaoms was banned in anarachy/onslaught etc..)
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Slower Projectiles is naively useful on skills like Spark and Spectral Throw, but there are much cleverer combinations waiting to be found.


Did you mean naturally? natively?
How many guilds can we be a part of at once? Can I move between guilds freely or do I have to commit?

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