Path of Exile Release Information

- why u didn't address anything regarding the passive tree?
- will there be any information before the release on that matter?
- also missing some real information about how exactly the trigger gem works ( if u link some effects will it have x% to trigger all together? 1 by 1? and so on...)
- mana shield work on stuff like RF?
- animated guardian stay with u until he die? even if u disconnect? (so it will be good to use him with uniqs)
- will gem effect animated guardian?
- what item will be nerfed - and how exactly will that happen?
- will u be able to self inflect dmg in order to activate trigger gem? (for example RF or cahos over time from armor)

there is really no point in playing in the next 2 weeks if i cant be sure ill continue with the char i did...
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SpudOfDoom wrote:
My body is ready. Charan! We need to restart the guild.

I'd be delighted to be in a guild full of people who don't find my incessant chat-babble suicide-inducing. ^_^

sounds like fun to me
Love the work!!! If I wasn't a broke, unemployed full time college student, I would upgrade to the Ruler of Wraeclast Pack (or eternal at least XD.)
Holy shit. Dueling. Fucking all of my yes.
Too Awesome ! Good job GGG!
I think this is a great summary of all the new things that will be added. I'm really looking forward to all of it; I love the idea of guilds and the new challenges in particular.
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This is such perfect timing, I hand my thesis in on the 22nd
GGG delivers.
"Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt."
- Abraham Lincoln

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