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Dyboa wrote:
Lancenig wrote:
Chustick wrote:
Stupid question but will my characters be gone after the game is released??


"At that point our final character wipe will occur and the game will be permanently available for everyone to play."

Don't listen. He's trolling. That's old news about Closed Beta > Open Beta.
IGN : VladiSSius/Lavence/Zahaquiel or any of my char on my profile page.
I can wait no longer
Living in past.
Woo can't wait!
Is low life spork MF build still going to be viable with uniques in the new league??
i saw we will get new skill tree >_< why you wont post him T^T
Is the game going to be on steam from day 1?
there not going 2 be a skill tree wipe/change is there? DX
15 hrs, can't wait. Just got my supporter pack & I think the POE team totally deserve it. I have more fun in poe then I ever had in lots new games.
with at least 20 years of gaming under my belt this is one of the most solid games ive ever had the pleasure of playing. thanks for the hard work.. it is much appreciated

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