0.11.4 Patch Notes

Game keeps on crashing before log in screen
Last edited by HowNowNZ on Aug 21, 2013 10:36:43 PM
Meh, still plagued with desync issues (or whatever the proper term is) on my end.
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for all of u having slow download speeds, try uninstalling the game and re-installing it.. it helped me.. got much faster download speeds
Tempest shield can now generate more than one charge per skill use.

What does this really mean?
Just want to input that there is nothing that's free. Someone will always pay for others "free" and if they wouldn't there wouldn't be a "free". I would had preferred poe to be a 60 dollar game so i wouldn't have to pay for others as for my self to keep this great game up and running)

OH THANK YOU AND BLESS YOU KIND SIR!!! NOW I CAN PLAY POE FFS. Sir.. you don't have to pay for others and you never did. If you have the money to throw it away - do it, why not, for fun(or..PoE) PoE for 60 bucks? Sounds fair to me but you know you sound like you are making us all a favor by paying lots of money...
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