0.11.4 Patch Notes

Nice patch Chris =))

I am veteran i have follow Poe sense November 2010.
need moar butterflies
butterfly nerfs lol :D

good job. GG GGG.

I need more purple titles
Chris wrote:

Vaal Fallen are no longer classified as undead, so cannot be raised by Necromancers. While these constructs contain a skeleton, it is not the skeleton in the construct that has a life force.

I thought Bronn's Lithe was receiving 3D art, or is that for a later patch?
Yay! I might swing by Wraeclast and play a little. I've been away too long.
There can only be one Oatmeal.
No complainers yet! :O Great work GGG, I love to look at the patch notes just because of how much you guys listen to the community and strive to make the game better then it is.
Happy Gaming!
Chris wrote:

Fixed an error where butterflies would inappropriately spawn on your enemies. (No, really, this was a thing.)

Can we get some details on this? When would it be appropriate for butterflies to spawn on my enemies? Also, can we see a picture?

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