0.11.4 Patch Notes

First I want to say... thank you to Chris for hanging with us through our pain... and Actually attempting to do something about it! WOW! just Wow!

Secondly... I have a suggestion.

I beta tested the original D-i-a-b-l-o... so, I only mention that to help you gauge how long I have been playing PC games. Not for any other reason.
I actually love this game already and I have only been playing for 3 or 4 weeks now.

So first off I would like to preface what I say with "knowledge is power!".
And NOT knowing is painful. I sat at my computer 4 or 5 different times through out this download process looking at a screen that fluctuated between 0kb and 11288325385793257##### and IT NEVER STABILIZED... EVER!

So "TELL US!" what is going on, and we will be a lot happier.

Lets say we have 500 people all downloading at 20k... (which is what I believe I have averaged over a 21 hour period, and my download has still NOT finished. I have 155 mb of 203 mb to go.)
Those 500 people are all going to finish roughly about the same time and all start playing. But, what if you gave the first person in line... higher privileges and their download rate was 200k. and to take that a step farther, what if the first 10 people all got to download at 200k. They would finish and be gone in no time at all. And BE HAPPY, and playing the game. The next 10 would move up in line each in turn and they would finish and be happy. I have witnessed this with a previous game. I cant remember which one, nor does it matter.

So my suggestion lays out like this:

1) Create a Priority by who comes first and GIVE THEM A NUMBER in line.
2) I would allow Paying Accounts to by pass this line, imho.
3) Tell them approximate when they will reach the front of the line or a place where their download will start. So they have something tangible to look forward to.
4) Find a way to stabilize the download, or at the least give them a solid time frame that the download will finish. ( I can not for the life of me understand how the download speed can vary so much, Except that it is coming from the other side of the world to me from new Zealand.
5) (Thought of another idea) Allow us to PRE-Download the patch BEFORE you put it live. This way people can be playing and then once it is downloaded go right to playing again. NO down time. This would eliminate the 500 million people all downloading at ONE TIME syndrome. Even if you had a number set to something like 25% of the user base (and then put it live), That would help the strain on the servers immensely I am sure. Some games have a box you can click... so they can start it in the background if the player has a strong machine... or not click it if they have a weak machine and just want to allow it to download over nite after they stop playing.

Hopefully others can add to this and fill it out even more. I had other ideas but, they have left me now.

... Wow! I took so long writing this up that my download finished! woohoo!
"That's a false equivalency. More does not equal merry. If there were two thousand people in this apartment right now, would we be celebrating? No! We'd be suffocating!"
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I love it how people complain about POE fixing exploits, which by it's definition are unattended results that the company didn't foresee, in which people build characters around, knowing that this was an exploit. Then, the same people act like they had no idea that these exploits would eventually be fixed. They then somehow are surprised when their character no longer work since they based their build around an exploit, that should not have existed in the first place. Yes, understandably, everyone wants to take advantage of all opportunities, but you cant cry when these same exploits then get fixed. You knew, when you learned of the exploit, that at some point it will be taken away, at which point you would have to re-build your character.
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Just keep a Simula in your bag. Not that hard to recast 3 auras every map.
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Romulun5 wrote:
Anyone having issues with the patch downloading very slowly? I have 70mb/s download speed and the patch is only downloading at 50-100kb/s. I have tried restarting it and even restarting my comp, but still going super slow.

70MB/s ? I think you mixed up MBit with MB, otherwise your Internet is not only 10x faster than mine, but also faster than a 10 year old harddrive ;)

Btw: I downloaded the patch with 5MB/s without any problems, wonder why only some people have such a bad speed if it's a general bandwidth problem.
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Yep super slow download speed......
Do you live in the USA... or Europe?
"That's a false equivalency. More does not equal merry. If there were two thousand people in this apartment right now, would we be celebrating? No! We'd be suffocating!"
talonmas wrote:
i think removing the option to use bm to cast auras is stupid.

i dont see why it is considered a bug, glitch, or exploit... i understand the issue with people casting high lvl gems and swapping for lower ones to not worry about reqs, or even using +2 aura helm...

but for the love of god, leave casting auras off bm alone... if im using a bm gem linked into my auras, im basically fuc***...

auras are important end game especially for build im playing =/... and i think im pretty much done this game when/if i cant use bm to support a few auras.

it was a fun run though.

You can use 6-7 auras now instead of 7-8... Why are you this upset? Are you that bad at playing? Need an easier game? D3 still exist ya know... or My Little Pony RPG if Hello Kitty is too scary?

how are you going to run 4 % auras + 2-3 life based auras when life based auras with bm will cost like 300-400 life ea... im not running a koams build so i dont have much life to begin with...

but thanks for the completely pointless and negative response, it sounds like you should be the one joining the hello kitty fun time adventures or maybe even d3 sounds right for you... not helpful at all... would be a nice fit in the d3 community.
im onyl downloading at 1 mB/s.... and have been for the past 12 hours.... what is going on?
adamk156 wrote:
im onyl downloading at 1 mB/s.... and have been for the past 12 hours.... what is going on?

its probably patch looping like i said in my post. it will get to a certain point and then decide it didnt like all that data and it will start all over again.

over and over and over again.

now i just decided to re-install.

half way thru the 4GB download my power goes out.

try to start the download again: CANNOT OPEN FILE


uninstall and try again again again again again.

i know this is only beta... but damn this is by far the worst patch process/program i ever seen. and i been playing pc games since life and death dropped on the mac2se

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