Path of Exile Tattoo

Thought I might upload this. Hope it's a good tribute to my favorite boss and game devs.

The artist is Tony at Agency Inc in Dunedin NZ. He does awesome fantasy and horror art among other styles. (
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Rofl ahahahahahahahahahah lol omg rofllll lollllll

Edit: I bet this thread reaches at least 50 pages
thats one dedicated exile.

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That is so awesome!
Is that Vaal?
sry ive seen godly and godlys dont lose hp wich wuold pretty much be a smiter with life tap
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mad respect git67!
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Barry wrote:
Is that Vaal?

Omg you noob it's obviously Alira :P
It looks alright for something done by an amateur tattoo artist.
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Not good at making decisions, eh?
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mteriba wrote:
Not good at making decisions, eh?

Nah I just like being able to put something that means a lot to me/has affected my life positively and looks cool.
This year has been a pretty bad one for me and playing POE has been a huge contributor to my sanity, giving me a goal and something to do.
I've played a few games and I've never put as much time and frequency in them as path of exile.

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