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Tyr's **0.11.1** Pure Elemental Bow Spec

I'll get right to it.

This is a high dps min-max build designed for diabolically efficient farming. If you like playing rogues & top dps classes where you sacrifice defense for more offense, this method is for you. It is not an easy, mindless, stand in the fire playstyle. After reading a few dozen replies post OB, I would say this is an advanced build. It is not for everyone. I am still testing the endgame mechanics & am at lvl 65.

With Wakes & 3 dmg auras LA does 2.3k per arrow. I use a Deaths Harp so double that number. Ice Shot with Chain is essentially a 6link because of the Armor it is linked into. 80-120 free chaos dmg from The Covenant without Chain. 40-70ish with. I'm having my cake and eating it too, getting free BM from this armor. If only they would update the custom item skin!!1

For other people who like to say Ranger BM ele is better & easier, this might be true. But, I chose a shadow to look like a badass ninja, not a wife beater wearing trailer park harlot. Yeah, thats whats up.

I took this OB build to lvl 54, Lunaris lvl 3 Cruel in HC. It works in HC if you arent an idiot and pay attention so you do not burn to death in an unceremoniously horrendous manner because you took off your real HP gear of living for more MF. It happens. Use a totem and zombies and raise spectre. I didnt see a reflect ele mob till Cruel Fellshrine.

The OPEN BETA DISCUSSION starts on page 12. I have listed most everything you need to know in the second post. Another option is to hit ctrl+f and search for keywords in your browser for specific questions you have on each page. Thats a terrible option, I know, but, there is ALOT of general mechanic information logged in this thread. I've made a master list of sorts in the second post which covers many of these highlights.

I stream frequently on

Past vids, including my CB endgame ele bow shadow in disgustingly perfect elemental gear thrashing endgame maps with ease using this spec @ lvl 74 are here AKA you if you stick with it and trust the ppl who have done it & shared their xp with us so far.


Primary Attack & Supports

Weapon Elemental Damage is a MUST for all attacks that you want to inflict reliable damage.
Culling Strike is a MUST for this link. I suggest leveling it in the background on your alt weapon until the attack speed penalty gets lower. It will eventually give 10% increased attack speed.

Secondary Attack for Crowd Control

Ice Shot as a totem is great for systematic kite/tanking insane rare mobs and bosses. Elemental Proliferation or Increased Crit Chance works extremely well with Ice Shot totem. Mix and match to find what works best for your build.

I suggest dropping the totem in tandem with Raise Spectre. The spectre can do the tanking for you. Watch any of my vids to see what Im talking about. Ice Shot totem is a very serviceable method to utilize the coverage of chilled dmg to mobs, knockback from using Projectile Weakness & application of status effects. Damage wont be knockout quality, but this is used for disruption. Were Ice Shot NOT linked to Ranged Attack Totem, you would want to replace the totem gem with Weapon Ele Dmg and Faster Attacks for Culling Strike.

29 Points to obtain Soul Siphon

59 Points in. At this point we are close to linking the build in a circle. Once this happens we can refund 6 points.

The build is linked in a full circle at 66 points. This can be achieved faster than 66. You have the flexibility to choose how far into certain clusters you want to spec. Take less to link faster to refund quicker. This is entirely up to you.

Now only 60 points used.

Get Static Blows and Divine Toughness with your refund! Celebrate with a major boost to DPS & survivability & liar cake.

92 Points taken This is an improved version of the build I used for months and months in CB. Updated & taken a few skills further for OB. Static Blows is the biggest change. It is extremely strong & makes Lightning Arrow hit the way it used to before it got nerfed...better even.

101 Points & ALOT Stronger Static Blows, Divine Toughness, More Crit.

Marauder Version: Im testing this one now. Level 65. This is where I will get eventually, Marauder linked to Templar and Shadow start.

As I have done many times before, I'm hiding past content within spoiler tags to avoid conflicting information. This particular spoiler tag has updated content, videos & ramblings that were current up to the end of CB.

Also found on

Hello friends. There are multiple heavily tested specs for you to choose from. All of these are now Witch, Templar & even Marauder friendly. I continuously tweak & test variations with gear & skills & supports to suit different situations. Every build is made with efficient max % farming & dps as a top priority. HC players beware reflect ele!

Video Examples I can now properly stream, more content coming soon

Rare 64 Coves, 6.8k LA 3.5k IS

Ice Shot & Chain in action

Quivers & a Quick Bosskill

As of Dec. 11, my Chain & Ice Shot level 74 build. (this link works now. sorry!)

Using Death's Harp for 2 arrows per shot.

This is a flexible, max AOE build. Ice Shot, Lightning Arrow, Burning Arrow & even Explosive Arrow can all be swapped as a primary attack. The only specialized Elemental damage nodes are 2 into Ice Walker & 2 into Lightning walker. The rest are universal elemental damage nodes. This flexibility allows for individual freedom to specialize an element & an attack to best suit current gear.

40% increased area of effect from passives & 24% increased area of effect damage. It is utilizing the Chain support & the two arrows a Death's Harp shoots. These arrows pierce targets & continue to chain to other enemies. Projectile Weakness remains the best curse to use with this build.

HP gear with ES & Armor is the safest*, least annoying defensive style I have tested. My chr doesnt even have the Body & Soul nodes & handles tough endgame situations adequately. A templar could have a very safe early game experience by taking Body & Soul as well as elemental damage nodes. I'm currently testing this with a Marauder in HC.

That being said, this is not a 'stand there & take hits' kind of playstyle. Get the hell out of the way, dont get hit. I sacrifice D passives for player awareness. I also have excellent resists, 25% Fire / 35% Ice / 35% Lightning come from the passive tree. The rest comes from gear. 75% resist at endgame is fantastic, you can get away with ALOT :P

When fighting an intense zerg of zombies I throw down a Rejuvenating Totem. Rejuvenating Totem with quality is robust enough to use as a shield against projectiles. A little ES goes a long way as well. I tested Acrobatics & Phase Acrobatics & don't want to talk about it. That expensive mistake was erased & replaced with 800 more hp & MOAR DEEPS & resistances.

Chain & Death's Harp are the unique difference makers for this build. You can do incredible dps very very fast across an impressive area. Each Lightning Arrow per shot hits 7 targets. That attack alone will hit 14 targets before any pierce. The two arrows can pierce & chain back, attacking the same target again. All of this happens with 1 attack.

I utilize the strengths of Lightning Arrow & Ice Shot by tailoring their support gems. They are all very effective. If at all possible, have a 5l setup for both Ice Shot & Lightning Arrow. A 4l will work just fine, the build & functionality of support gems do all the heavy lifting. Chain goes further with Ice Shot for the CC. I like having an undiluted, very strong Lightning Arrow for single target dps.
I actually switch bows to an Infractem for Lightning Arrow+Point Blank+Culling+WED+Faster Projectiles, but thats an advanced playstyle. Not for everyone. ...but running up to a boss surrounded by a pack of magic boss mobs & shooting him in the face & hitting everything in a 360* radius around you & a 100% piercing Metal Gear Rex rail gun blast straight ahead is ALOT of fun

I also am liking Poison Arrow with Fork for Reflect Elemental mobs & DAMNABLE NECROMANCERS that hide in corners pissing me off. Use Vulnerability in this situation, link Added Chaos Damage & watch em melt.

The new skill Conductivity is soooo naise with Lightning Arrow & 40% Increased AOE coverage & 20% increased AOE damage. I don't use Lightning Penetration, but it is quite effective on mobs with high resists. Projectile Weakness is excellent too. BOTH AT THE SAME TIME BREAKS STUFF.

Damage output fluctuates around these numbers. Lightning Arrow is much more expensive than Ice Shot. Despite this, it obviously shocks & with all the arrows chaining around the true dps output is very high. Ice Shot in a 5 link is great for maps with mana regen penalties, rhoas & other mobs that need to be chilled. If at all possible, keep a quiver with Increased Stun Duration. This combined with the Chilled effect is a crowd stopper. Helps tremendously with Goatmen & Rhoas.

Lightning Arrow DPS 4106x2. 3175x2 with Chain.
Ice Shot DPS 4129x2. 3181x2 with Chain.

Soul Siphon makes a big difference here. 25 mana for each enemy killed. Frequently mana is recovered fully with 1 bowshot. Use a 4 link Ice Shot supported by mana leech, life leech & wpn ele dmg as a secondary, reliable method to recover Life & HP. Think about having a second Ice Shot for this purpose, the AOE cone is excellent & the mana cost is low.

Thanks goes to miciek335 for the idea to branch into the Templar tree.
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General Tips & Observations for Ranged Elemental Builds (non spell dmg)

-Kill all the Bandits. Killemall. You will flog yourself at lvl 75 as penance to atone for your failure if you let one live.

-Use Bear Trap as an effective root.

-AURAS: Wrath + Hatred + Anger + Discipline. Mix and match with 1 or 2 Reduced Mana Cost gems in different links.

-You don't have to use CI if you are a witch/shadow/templar. High ES & 65% recovery gets annoyingly expensive.

-Stack HP from gear & passives. Interestingly, that lil 12% HP node just south of the shadow start makes HP shadow/ranger an attractive option.

-Max your resistances (or 60%+) to overcome not investing in many defensive nodes.

-You don't have to invest in many defensive nodes.

-Have a specific ring for each resistance with 60%+ for heavy +% elemental dmg map mods.

-2k hp 1500 es 10% dr 75/75/75 & an overwhelmingly destructive offensive barrage gets it done.

-20% MAX (in this order) Weapon Elemental Damage, Culling Strike, Chain.

-High % Ice Shot will annoy the hell out of anyone in pvp not immune to chilled.

-Lightning Arrow & Ice Shot are swappable in any linked combination with this build.

-Farm lower lvl maps & content with Ice Shot & Chain & Faster Projectiles & a Quiver with Projectile Speed %

-Rely on Soul Siphon & + mana on kill gear. (I go into detail on how to do this low lvl above

-Buy Wake of Destruction boots asap.

- +Lightning will increase dps more than any other element.

-Use Vulnerability + Poison Arrow to clear out pesky high ES Necros. & anyone without CI in pvp.

-High rarity = more rares= chance for rares with mf & chaos res = Alch Shards = Alchs.

-You are either leveling or you are farming. Never do both & expect ppl to feel sympathetic when you die.

-Much grief will be avoided by remembering this.

-People who complain about never getting uniques & say they have good mf are either grossly inefficient when clearing content & need to kill more mobs faster or are complaining too much instead of killing more mobs that drop uniques.

-Chain currently has a 100% hit rate.

-Anyone can strike it rich at anytime.

-Don't use orbs with names one would use to describe an angel.

-Exalted Orbs are a rich player's plaything. Sell em for Gemcutters Prisms.

-For the love of pete use your GCP on supports like weapon elemental damage/culling strike/chain if they arent 20%

-Weapon elemental damage quality % is the single highest dps boost from a support for this spec.

-Ranged Attack Totems linked with ice shot & you cursing with elemental weakness makes for a kitable boss with reflect elemental damage.

-Find or make a 10%+ Rejuvenation Totem. Name it. This is your meatshield & best friend. This is your companion cube.

-You do not get your IIR/IIQ bonus when Poison Arrow's cloud kills an enemy.

-Ranged Attack Totem + Death's Harp = an extra arrow.

-Ranged Attack Totem + Death's Harp + GMP = 7 Arrows

I originally posted this for
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I would do something like this.
Pre 0.10.0


I would do something like this.

I really like that. By my count going to CI/Firewalker will yield 78% fire damage. The southern path only gives 30% to fire but the other 2 elements get 30% more dmg as well.

It feels odd to all but skip phys dmg for pure ele & crit. Thanks for the feedback, time to rethink this.


Mana possibly could be a bottleneck of the entire build. This is a spec for a level higher than what is realistic in CB for now. Later in the Dev cycle this would probably work quite well. Lots of fire dmg there at the end :)
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Cleave: The dual wielding penalty for Cleave is now multiplicative and includes elemental damage.
Shinyashiki here, sup.

At the moment i'm going through Ruthless quite well with a CI variation of this build, and I pretend to do this:

Allied with elemental damage, from belts, amulets, quivers, rings, this build is quite possible to do, and even without physical damage due to Quill Rain, Explosive arrow is great with this build, due to the speed that you can put fuse charges on enemies, that depends only on your fire damage. To stop meele enemies, I'm using bear trap and fire trap, two trap skills that are really good.
So... no problems until now (level 45)

Edit: About mana, I'm using a level 1 elemental hit that the creator of this awesome topic gave me. Also, I'm using a high level explosive arrow with no supports, because the fuse charges are not affected directly by the support gems. (Explosive Arrow is my AoE skill)

Passive skill tree build This is a general elemental one

Passive skill tree build This one is a fire elemental one
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ansuk wrote:
Also, I'm using a high level explosive arrow with no supports, because the fuse charges are not affected directly by the support gems. (Explosive Arrow is my AoE skill)

I did not know that! Thx for the heads up.

Both of those builds are really solid. I might go straight up to those fire nodes & get crit later.
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Pre 0.10.0

Extreme Min-Max

Elemental Equilibrium, CI, 25 mana per kill, 84% increased fire amage, 80% increased burn damage. When I get the gear to support this in OB Im going to make another shadow.

For now, I'm taking the southern route across the middle, NW of deep thoughts. Before the end of CB I want to test +25 mana per kill, the fire/burn clusters & Ele Equi.
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Tyranthal wrote:
Extreme Min-Max

Elemental Equilibrium, CI, 25 mana per kill, 84% increased fire amage, 80% increased burn damage. When I get the gear to support this in OB Im going to make another shadow.

For now, I'm taking the southern route across the middle, NW of deep thoughts. Before the end of CB I want to test +25 mana per kill, the fire/burn clusters & Ele Equi.

how would you make use of the ele equi exactly?
By using totem+added cold+spark+lesser multi proj. It works really well, only 25 mana per cast. Mokschithought of it in this thread.

Getting Soul Siphon makes all the difference in the world. I probably would have stopped playing this chr had I not been able to solve the mana issue so early.

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