0.11.2 Patch Notes

Version 0.11.2
  • The Ranger starting area has been extensively reworked. Characters who have passive trees that are not compatible with the new layout have had all their passive skill points refunded. This will occur if a skill has been moved to a location that is now not connected to your other passives.
  • If the location or name of a Notable passive skill has been changed, it will still count towards the appropriate challenge in the Anarchy/Onslaught leagues. If you have already allocated that Notable, you will not need to allocate it again for the challenge. Any new Notable passives that we have added are not part of the challenge.

Twitch Streaming:
  • Path of Exile now allows Twitch streaming from inside the game client, including full support for streaming webcam footage.
  • Twitch channel chat is integrated directly with the game client. Streamers can chat to their viewers in real time without having to check a separate chat window.
  • In Path of Exile, Twitch chat appears as another chat type alongside global, local, party and trade chat.
  • Path of Exile and Twitch accounts can be linked (there's a button in-game and on your profile page on the website to do this). Once they're linked, users viewing the Path of Exile website will be able to see little Twitch icons next to account names wherever they appear on the site while streaming. Clicking the logo takes you to the user's stream.
  • While a Path of Exile race event is in progress, the leading streamer for that event is shown on the race page. All streamers are marked on the leaderboard so that players can switch between them and watch them play directly on the race page.

Other Features:
  • "Map to Maker" in loot allocation now includes Magic and Rare Maps. In a Map instance, all Maps aside from unique Maps will allocate permanently to the creator of the Map area.
  • Monster Evasion and Accuracy has been changed throughout the game. The progressive increase of Accuracy and Evasion per level has been reduced. This allows characters stacking Evasion or Accuracy to receive more benefit, rather than competing to keep their to hit or evade chances at a consistent level.
  • Dexterity-based monsters no longer get an Accuracy bonus. This prevents these monsters from being a hard counter to Evasion based characters. The bonus Evasion that dexterity-based monsters receive has been increased.
  • Reflected damage has been reduced outside of Maps. It has been improved so that all the mechanisms that should affect reflected damage do. Details on this are expanded on in the balance section below.
  • The Energy Shield display ratios have been changed. The largest Energy Shield display will now only happens when your maximum Energy Shield is at least ten times larger than your maximum Life.
  • Energy Shield impact sounds and notifications won't play if your total ES is less than 20% of your total life.

  • Flavour text has been added to map pins in the world panel.
  • The currency notification audio now has three drop sounds that play, depending on the rarity of the currency item.
  • Added three new Unique items, including one which was designed by our community.
  • Added two new cosmetic microtransactions: Brilliant Crown Helmet Effect and Extra Gore Weapon Effect.
  • Cosmetic microtransactions that can be applied to items now list a microtransaction type. Items can have more than one microtransaction applied, as long as they are of different types. For example, a helmet can have both a skin and an attachment.
  • Added 3D Art for the Lightbane Raiment unique item.
  • Undying Grapplers have been changed so they lose the lightning effect on their head after death.
  • Continued to incrementally improve the sound, art, effects and environments.

General Balance:
  • Damage reflection has been reworked. All forms of damage mitigation should now work against it.
  • Spell Block and Spell Dodge now apply to reflected Spell damage.
  • Ondar's Guile now applies to reflected projectile attack damage.
  • Modifiers to damage taken, such as Shock, will also affect reflected damage.
  • The Reflect mods have been reduced to only reflect 17% of damage. The Reflect Map mods have not been changed.
  • Bramblemist (the boss of the Wharf Map) has had its AI adjusted. Bramblemist also appears in the Descent race.
  • The damage done by the Firestorm spell when used by all versions of Ambrosia and Merciless Fire Fury has been increased. Merciless Gravicius's Firestorm has been very slightly increased in damage.
  • Increased Flask Charges now increases charges gained from all sources, not just monster kills.
  • Melee Splash now has a line of sight check. You will not be able to Splash past walls or other objects that block line of sight from the target point of the attack.

Passive Tree Balance:
  • The pathing and passives of the Ranger starting area have been significantly changed.
  • Perfect Aim has changed to Ballistic Mastery and it now also includes 20% Projectile Speed.
  • Greater Impact has been changed to Aspect of the Eagle, and it now offers 20% Physical Damage with Bows (was 24%), 20% increased Accuracy, 10 Maximum Life and 4% Movement Speed.
  • Finesse now offers 20 Dexterity instead of 30, 8% Attack Speed instead of 4% and also has 20% increased Accuracy Rating.
  • Weapon Artistry now offers 4% additional Block Chance instead of 3%, 20% Melee Physical Damage instead of 10% and also offers 20 Dexterity.
  • Heart of the Panther has been changed to Aspect of the Panther and now offers 16% Physical Damage with One Handed Weapons instead of 4%, 6% Attack Speed with One Handed Weapons instead of 4%. It no longer offers Dexterity, but instead offers 10 maximum Life and 4% Movement Speed.
  • Shield Wall has been renamed to Precise Interception and now offers 30% increased defences from your equipped Shield, instead of 20%.
  • A new notable, Primal Spirit, has been added to the Ranger starting area. It offers 20 Strength, 20 Intelligence, 20% Mana Regeneration rate, and 20% increased Mana recovery from flasks.
  • A new notable, Heart of Oak, replaces the old stun avoidance passives in the Ranger starting area. It offers 4% increased maximum Life, 30% chance to avoid being Stunned and 1% Life Regenerated per Second.
  • The large life cluster just north of the Ranger area has been changed to an Evasion and Life cluster. It includes a new notable, Revenge of the Hunted, which offers 4% increased Physical Damage, 16% Evasion Rating and 10% increased maximum Life.
  • The Brutal Blade notable has been changed to 20% Physical Damage with Swords instead of 24% and also has +20 Strength.
  • The Lethality Cluster has been moved.
  • The Chaos Resistance node has been moved closer to the Duelist.
  • The early Evasion nodes in the Ranger tree have been changed to include life bonuses.
  • The three increased maximum Energy Shield passives after Chaos Inoculation have been reduced to 6% from 8%.
  • Infused Shield has been reduced from 20% more maximum Energy Shield to 12%.
  • Iron Reflexes now no longer includes your Dexterity bonus to Evasion from your Evasion before it is converted to Armour.
  • Avoid Freeze and Avoid Chill increased to 40% in the Crystal Skin cluster.
  • Accuracy on Versatility increased to 20%.
  • Heartseeker has been increased from 30% to 40% increased critical multiplier.
  • The Pressure Points cluster has had its critical strike chance nodes increased from 15% to 25%.
  • Two of the life nodes near the ranger start have been increased from 6% to 10% maximum life.
  • The accuracy node at the start of ranger has been changed from 12% to 20%.
  • The Gymnastics notable has been moved closer to the Ranger start area.
  • The Alchemist notable has been renamed to Herbalism.
  • Damage While Dual Wielding passives near the Duelist increased from 6% to 8%.
  • The Gemini notable has increased to 16% damage while dual wielding.
  • The Dual Wielding Damage bonus node in the Arena Lord cluster has been changed from 10% to 12% to match the node on other half of the same cluster.

Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed a bug where most Life and Mana Flasks were not recovering the full amount.
  • Added a very short delay to Lightning Warp, to prevent a situation where rapidly casting Lightning Warp could play its visual effect without actually casting.
  • Objects in prison areas have been adjusted to avoid getting items caught in them.
  • Fixed the layout of wagons in the Warehouses to avoid monsters getting caught between them.
  • Fixed some cases of being able to abusively swap to a melee weapon while a projectile is in flight.
  • Fixed some rare cases where zoom locked in and could only be fixed by pressing Page Down.
  • Fixed a case where the Act 2 darkness could come back after you banish it.
  • Fixed another bug where characters would still have the darkness persist in Act 2.
  • Screen shake no longer persists past an area change.
  • Fixed some issues where kills due to degeneration damage could be assigned to the wrong player.
  • Fixed a bandit fight bug where players could end up on the monster's team after the bandit fight was resolved.
  • Further fixes have been made to monster count, to cover rare cases of inaccurate counts related to Dominating Blow and The Coward's Trial map.
  • Fixed a bug where the duration of the Dominating Blow skill added to the duration of skills being used by dominated monsters.
  • Fixed an issue where event registration time was not properly checked serverside, allowing players to join (but not play in) an event prior to the intended registration time.
  • Fixed a bug where damage conversion to Chaos damage could be incorrect.
  • Fixed a rare crash involving Temporal Chains and Puncture or Arctic Armour.
  • Fixed a bug where requirements imposed by gems socketed into it did not cause the short form of the requirement name to be used.

Thanks again for your great feedback and support!

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Edit. GGG doing it right as always.
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oh my :3
Twitch updates are godlike ,wow GGG keep takin my monneeey
Awesome as always.
I confirmed that I am still in HC league. Then I died.
I guess its time for me to start streaming
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Patch now, not tomorrow;) Bugger CI builds nerfed a bit:(
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Nice GGG :D
my gawd
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Very nice. You guys never fail to impress.

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