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Attention GGG:When will this league merge with stand. I have my blue gear from previous league and a weapon mtx on the Exile I built for the softcore solo (iv001) race... im unable to access now. the event has ended.
I know you guys at GGG are pretty busy and probably dont have much free time to do anything else other then getting act 4 up and ready , but is there any chance of making a way to sort out microtransactions , maybe just been able to simply move them from tab to tab would be awesome.
I'm new and havn't done an event yet...I look forward to trying this!

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GGG: Time to update the list of mods for Emberwake season.
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The 1 hour Emberwake yesterday was my first race event ever. I reached lvl 6 with my character, so i should have got 1 season point. How long does it take to update? Because at my profile there is nothing about Race events and points :/

Is there something i did wrong? I logged out right after the event ended. Do you need to stay after or something? Or is it because it was my 2nd character. I died within the first two minutes, so i made a second one. Is this against the rules? Im just confused.
I dont know.
The race reward point's arent granted constantly. Sometimes you wait like 8 hrs( first emberwake event) and sometimes just couple of minutes (event 4).

I deleted my event 3-character after waiting 1 hour for point confirmation, he's still on the ladder. I dont know what's wrong here.

Hopefully somone can enlighten me;)
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Chris wrote:
At the end of the event, we will award the prizes to a Remove-Only Stash Tab that is accessible from any league. The item can only be removed in one league, so choose carefully!

And from this thread:

Chris wrote:
When a race ends, participants receive their rewards in a special "remove-only" tab in their stash. These items are valuable, not only because they have exclusive, season-only artwork, but also because they can be retrieved by any character in any long-term league! This means that your Domination or Nemesis character can use a unique item you acquired in a seasonal race. It also means that you can choose to keep your rewards in the remove-only stash tab, and utilize them in an upcoming long-term league down the road. To keep things fair, there is a two week grace period at the start of each new long-term league where the items cannot be withdrawn, but after that, they're fair game.

It's already 16 days from the Warbands started. So… is there any chance to actually get access to remove-only tabs from Warbands? Because I can't, and it's really sad.

Okay, grace period is four week, not two. Thanks everybody.
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How to recieve my reward ?

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