Rules for league events

Да, это пожалуй так.
А может и нет. [Removed by Support]
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for breach or hardcore breach guy i want those stuff in breach
Do Perandus chests really spawn in Breach League? I see it on challenges but have yet to find even one. Any area they might have a tendency to spawn?
They spawn in maps with the Perandus mod. (Zana can make them.)
How much time need to be waited to get prises from events?
GM , pls unban me, i was baned from global 820 . i know , its my fault. Pls Unban me . im newbie , i dont know the rules
Didn't know this race was only 40 min.
I deleted my character "anythingdoesnt" after killing Brutus and reaching level 10 and the league end because the "Do not delete your character..." quote is hard to find in all these different walls of text. Please roll back my delete or just grant me the Classic Mystery Box directly because the time invested and the lack of prioritized warning is very frustrating. On another note, after finishing the objective, maybe add in the chat to not delete character for the reward
I'm a new player so I'm not sure if "the last monster" is at the end of Act 3, 10, or a Labrynth. (Haven't even completed Act 7 yet but I went in anyway)

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