Rules for league events

Hi, wondering about the race times. Can we hope for some euro-friendly races come open beta? The races so far have begun between midnight and 3am for eastern europe.
Please to be moving and stickying this thread in its proper location - the Race Discussion forum. Newbies and regulars alike have trouble finding it, due to its unintuitive current location.
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Me parece perfecto que se piense como siempre en las carreras, en las micro-transacciones o el contenido nuevo...

pero para cuando se resuelve el problema de lag y latencias altas, efecto liga y desconectes???

para cuando señores de GGG

esa es la noticia que de verdad estoy esperando y que creo esa seria la mas esperada por todos....
Да, это пожалуй так.
А может и нет.
for breach or hardcore breach guy i want those stuff in breach
Do Perandus chests really spawn in Breach League? I see it on challenges but have yet to find even one. Any area they might have a tendency to spawn?
They spawn in maps with the Perandus mod. (Zana can make them.)
How much time need to be waited to get prises from events?

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