Rules for league events

To see your points in the current season (and its prizes), go to this page.

You are also able to view your season and events history on your profile page, under the Seasons & Events section.

Race leagues are special short duration events that we run periodically to let players play in a clean economy and compete for prizes.

The league will generally be open for character creation 30 minutes before the start of the competition. To enter, just make a new character in the league described in its appropriate thread. New characters must be created in the correct league to be eligible for prizes.

In hardcore leagues, characters who die will be moved out into the Standard league immediately. After the end of the league, characters that are still alive will be moved back into the normal Hardcore league. This process may take up to an hour.

At the end of the event, we will award the prizes to a Remove-Only Stash Tab that is accessible from any league. The item can only be removed in one league, so choose carefully! You need to reach at least level 2 to be eligible for prizes for placement (even in very deadly leagues).

You should not make multiple characters in a league to attempt to receive multiple level-threshold prizes.

For full-clear prizes, only the party member who gets the killing blow on the last monster gets the prize.

The game version can change due to patches between the time that the event is announced and when the event occurs.

Our decision on the winners is final. Bugs and mistakes will get in the way for many players and this is why we are running an event like this. If you lose your ability to participate due to a bug, please tell us about it and we'll do our best to fix it. We can't change the outcome of the event due to this.

Do not delete your character until you have confirmed you have received your prizes.

The above rules may change at any time, but we'll try to mention in the league thread if the rules have been changed since the last one!

Event Types
Events may have different formats, rules or goals. Here are some examples:

  • Boss Kill: Time based events that rank players on how long they take to kill specific bosses.
  • Burst: Burst events are several short duration events that run in quick succession.
  • Descent: You play through custom levels that use tilesets from the core Path of Exile game. While level layouts and monster drops are still randomized, there are occasional fixed rewards in chests along the way, containing currency and other items. Dead characters can still receive points in these events.
  • Descent: Champions: The sequel to Descent, with a different dungeon, special uniques and branching paths. More information on Descent: Champions can be found here. Dead characters can still receive points in these events.
  • Endless Ledge: A race type based on The Ledge Area from Act 1. Players see how far they can get through different Ledge themed areas in the given time. Dead characters can still receive points in these events.
  • Signature: Signature races are specific races that have consistent length and properties during the season. The signature race in Soulthirst is a 70 minute solo race with a fixed seed and the Soulthirst mod (see below). Player results throughout the season are scored in a ladder of overall results in these Signature events. There are special prizes (alternate-art Demigod's Beacons) for the three top finishers of each class.

We occasionally run Hybrid event types, such as Descent Bursts, which are a series of short Descent events.

League Mods

Leagues will have Mods assigned to them to make them more entertaining, more difficult, or completely change the style of game play used in these leagues.

Mods are regularly explained in the event information regarding a particular league/event but are quite often simplified. A full list of the Mods you will regularly find on leagues is below.

  • Ancestral: All areas except towns have enemy totems spread across the zone that grant benefits to your enemies and attempt to kill you.
  • Bloodgrip: Players have the Corrupting Blood mod.
  • Blood Magic: Characters act as if they have the Blood Magic passive allocated. This will cause them to consume life instead of mana for skills with mana cost and mana reservations.
  • Brutal: Monsters have 20% increased attack and cast speed, and deal 20% increased damage.
  • Emberwake: 30% of monsters' physical damage is added as fire, and they move 30% faster.
  • Eternal Torment: All areas other than towns and the Twilight Strand will be inhabited by 10 additional torment spirits. Spirits will spawn regardless of their usual level restrictions.
  • Exiles Everywhere: All areas other than towns and the Twilight Strand will be inhabited by 20 additional rogue exiles. Exiles will spawn regardless of their usual level restrictions.
  • Famine: Players' flasks, life, mana and energy shield are not refilled when accessing town.
  • Fixed Seed: All instances of a given area have the same area layout, for all players. Multiple Race Events will regularly have the same seed. That is, the instance area layouts will be same in all the races of a fixed seed set. This includes all Signature events.
  • Fracturing: Non-unique monsters split into several copies when they are killed.
  • Headhunter: When you kill a rare monster, you gain all its mods for 20 seconds. Every monster pack has a rare monster (even the Twilight Strand). This race type is voided.
  • Immolation: Players and monsters have their physical damage converted to fire damage, all monsters also create burning ground on death.
  • Inferno: All areas are under the effects of the Infernal tempest, which casts random fire skills that damage both Players and Monsters.
  • Lethal: Monsters deal 50% increased damage. Monsters have 50% of their physical damage is added as cold damage, as fire damage, and as lightning damage.
  • Multiple Projectiles: Monsters have four additional projectiles when using projectile based skills/attacks.
  • No Projectiles: Players deal no damage with projectile based skills/attacks.
  • Revealed Map: The minimap is automatically fully revealed.
  • Rogue: All areas other than towns and the Twilight Strand will be inhabited by an additional rogue exile. Exiles will spawn regardless of their usual level restrictions.
  • Solo: Players cannot join parties or trade.
  • Soulthirst: You gain Soul Eater for 10 seconds upon killing a Rare monster.
  • Turbo: Monsters run, attack and cast 60% faster than normal.
  • Unwavering: Monsters have 35% increased life and cannot be stunned.

Hybrid Leagues will also occur frequently, this is when multiple of these Mods are used on the same event simultaneously.

An example of this is the BLAMT league, which utilizes the mods Blood Magic, Lethal, Ancestral, Multiple Projectiles and Turbo, applying all of these to the league.
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Winenose wrote:
Hi, wondering about the race times. Can we hope for some euro-friendly races come open beta? The races so far have begun between midnight and 3am for eastern europe.

This weekend has a Euro-friendly cutthroat race. Is that time okay with you?
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arrrgh wrote:
A quick question. Do the prizes get wiped at open beta start?

When we enter Open Beta later this year, all items will be wiped apart from "Demigod's Presence (Unique Amulet)".
I've moved this thread to the Beta General forum because the Events forum is now used for the Event ladders only.
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tungall wrote:
i don't know join event, can u hepl me?

You need to create a new character in the race league. The option to create a character does not enable until 30 minutes before the race league starts.
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