Race Season Three Details

MyH4o wrote:
Path of Boots? But meh... uniques going to HC. Great, will be able to appreciate them for a week or two after Onslaught and Anarchy end, and the new long term leagues begin.

I think it's the "boot" theme of the season (also Demigod's stride is a boot!), because with "Descent races"... you have to use them ;)

Fantastic idea, as usual <3
My wishlist: Hi-res digital artbook
Allow spaces in character names
Vulkan and Linux support
Opensource the game
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boof wrote:
What is the reward design reason behind having 5 boots (6 if you count the demigod)?

Surely mixing it up (helmet, glove, belt etc) would've been better.

I agree.
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nzrock wrote:
Limiting this season's Demigod, might backfired once PoE is out of OB.
320 is a bit short imo, maybe 500?

I thought the point was that its supposed to be a special thing that makes someone stand out. 320 already sounds way too high to me. I would hand out 1 to the top 50 max. That being said, its going to be insanely rare for 99% of players, and meaningless for the other 1%.

This season still seems way behind the times. I can't imagine how many seasons its going to take to figure this out. They are learning way too slowly.

Races are still mostly boring.(lost interest in descent after the full info came). Point system is a joke. Times are bad. Too many demis, etc.
danzha wrote:
Dat leather belt >:[

More BLAMT please!!! Now that we can avoid charging Rhoas, we're immortal ;)
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Race prizes need to be defaulted to Anarchy/Onslaught, they are the current leagues. These temp leagues are the PoE equivalent to D2 ladder resets, which means the majority of the community wants to play the current ladders. As a consequence, this means not many want to play the outdated leagues and the race prizes are now worthless to me as I'll never, ever use them. Just saying. Almost every streamer is on Onslaught. What worth are the prizes to them? I would reconsider this decision for the future of races..
Point system is a joke.

We don't know specifics, yet. If the reward points are the same as the last season, as a casual player, I can see myself reaching 26 points (last season 30) and then stop there as the next step - 50 - is too high for me, and I will quit racing altogether.

If they want that more people-casuals participate in the races, they have to give more incentive to play them throughout the whole season and not just the very beginning. So, the gap adjustment between 26-50 is a step in the right direction comparing to last season's 30-60. But if the point rewards didn't change, it will only mean that casuals like myself will quit racing earlier than the last season. At that time, especially playing "Decent" race will be pointless, as it will neither bring enough points for them, nor gear & currency which are destroyed after the race.
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casuals dont like races , they dont want more incetives to do something they don't like to do in the first place .
If you are casual you have less time to spend on farming therefore less time to spend on rerolling 10 times a day.
fraz81 wrote:
casuals dont like races , they dont want more incetives to do something they don't like to do in the first place .

I am a casual player and I like to play races if there is an incentive to do so.
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