Descent Races

With no towns or (logically), no townies giving quests, can one assume that skill/support gem drops are dramatically increased? Or will there be NPC's in the areas giving quests and awarding skills?

Or, perhaps I missed it. I'll re-read the announcement to be sure.
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Sounds interesting enough, giving Descent a shot - I like existing race forms like LACTIF 1h tho & to me Descent is simply something fresh to try out in between. Clean economy intrigues.
Keep the same GG.
Loving this. And i get my 3 week vacation on season start. What a wonderful collision.
What about skill and support gems? There are no quests so there has to be another way to get them. Maybe inside reward chests?
Anyway I hope there's a wide choice of gems so people can choose and experiment more different builds.
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God damit this is going to be fun! CANT WAIT!
TheAnuhart wrote:
It sounds like you finally created an aRPG.

No group requirement, self found, onus on 'killing, choosing and equipping' type character progression as opposed to 'shop for made to measure suit', craft-allowing drops, no wealth gate to content.. just player ability, no economy, it's a dream come true...

...but then you made it a short, timed, competitive race instead of a permanent mode, :(

So close, but yet so far.

So true.

And after all these questions "What will happen after lvl 15?" I expected for all the survivors are taken to the boss room in Cut-Throat environment... Winner takes everything. That'd be real fun.
You are not game designers and developers, you are dream makers.
You lead games to an other level.

Just keep it.
you guys should create a race with rogue exiles, but no random spawn anymore. all areas should have 1 exile. when you kill 1 type of exile he can not spawn anymore. bonus points for killing all exiles in the race!
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sounds more interesing than I thought in first place, I will give it a try at least, just from the curiousity ^^

Thaelyn wrote:
can one assume that skill/support gem drops are dramatically increased?

this, I guess/expect. Think the char starts similar to a race and get a starting weapon and a skill from the first kill. The increased drop rates MUST include skillgems, but I'm still curious when support gems will start to drop (maybe both types are part of the final chests on each level?!)

The thing that drives me a bit nuts (but is neccessary, of course) is the imagination of rarest stuff dropping here (that I would storekeep instead of using in a normal race)
The fine thing is, that this events were not the only ones across season three :D
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Descent Races is the first race that im interest to play even if there is nothing to win.
Good job, GGG

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