Descent Races

Can't wait! Sounds like the best race type yet!
Seeing only foot soldiers, the Sarn Knights cast aside their heavy shields...

And paid dearly for their mistake.
This looks awesome, I can't wait!
interesting race , the first ones will definitely be an awsome experience where everybody will freak out :D
Game? Who needs to play the game? Forums are funny enough

Looking forward

-Loyal fan.
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Looks good! wana try! ;)
Sounds like a perfect opportunity to make Descent-only changes to the skill tree and see how that affects balance. Different skill trees for different races could be fun! Or just a pain to code. Hey, you tell me!

PS: When are stash tab bundles going on sale? /mad
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So i'm assuming if you do finish before 1 hour(Probably Impossible, but there are people out there :D), you get to spectate the other players? If not that would be a fun feature LOL
will the loot from those chests always be the same or random? i mean the amount of flasks/scrolls for example?
from 0.10.0 patch notes: "Fixed a bug where you could add Piety to your friends list." xD
Well, this might actually get me to play races.
Sorry Exile, but your loot is in another dungeon!
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if you guys eventually introduced this kind of thing, except infinite dungeons with parties....I'd never go outside again.

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