Descent Races

All characters from the "descent races" are deleted. Not all character from the races. Charakters from races like turbo or whatever are transfered to the hardcore league as usual.

Completed 11 ChallengesVeriol wrote:
What happens to my character when the race ends? Last one I didnt die but my character is in this "void league" and I had +9% ice spear -.- Thought if I dont die I get my character in hardcore. But it's not the case ... ?
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It's slow death.
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You guys are GENIUSES!
Hello, i played my first descent race yesterday and i died at level 3..... BUT man it was so much fun!!
Awesome job on this, i should have tried it before! Very good creation!
Will play many more races now :>
nice :) cant wait to try it!
gz for the launch of 1.0!
sweet cant wait for the new season too start :)
When Endless Edge came out I found the concept really weird...
Playing a Fresh Character in an Endless rotation. however, I had never had so much fun!

This is definitely a unique experience and I can't wait to join similar events!
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Sounds like fun.
(though it would surprise me, if anyone who has a job would win this ;))

I hope though we get some info, about the hows and whens of this operation..
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thx ggg....sounds really good....cant wait for the event race....but still i have wait to log-on into eu-servers....there are more then 4k ppls waiting :O soo far

update: logged on..ty
this is reeeaaaaly fucking cool, I WILL participate more in races this season

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