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Well, Looks cool and perfect with your words, maybe its bigger buff in game from CB B U T what we have: Rare and boss one shot + chaos dmg now MUCH hurt then before (tested with bosses and chaos per sec maps) + BM now unbalanced and need much bigger Buff! + magic now pain in .... and need to be 3 times more care then before + many other details as nerf LL and much more.
Yes some dmg got buffed and i saw it bur i lost tons surv now and i cant think it as compensate for surv. Maybe you make some build that can faceroll any maps and clear as fast as EK or Spark BEFORE new patch but its only 1 build and not all play as you or know that buggs

OH W8! There was a BIIIIIG nerf reflect was 20% and now its 18!!! How you can forgot?? So its not a big problem for you with boosted dps and lower your life, right? BUT why you write thats its touchy and fear? Isnt its buff as you said? No? THEN IT IS NERF. Reflect now much easier can kill you then before. Its just fact.

Its not only for melee nerf, for many ES user its double nerf with lower ES AND + Life. So them much harder, if its not spark or FP or EK user. No buffs for low priority and not popular skill gems... oh nvm.
Best patch you think? Big buff you think? Ok, think this way only. Go and raceroll and one shot any boss bcs you hero and pro. You know much more maybe you Kripp or HvR.

As it stands now, the only thing I fear with my chars is reflect.

And the only thing my chars fear are desyncs and freezes and this patch doesn't change anything or little about this, yesterday I again lost control over my templar in Spider Lair and situation when drop spills few meters from point where I killed boss are almost "normality".

Regarding other changes, I loosed a little in some stats, gained a little in other, in total nothing changed much.

Regarding BM balance, I prepared for it and respeced to take as much life regen I could, I have 5,4% of regen so it's not so bad, my lighting strike templar (1H and shield) uses now those passives:


(and if leveling allows, I will take more shield passives next).

Any patch which doesn't solve desyncs and freezes is disappointment for me.

I don't care about new leagues, so... finally, I can only change my internal classification of this patch from "will be worse" to "much ado about nothing".
Anticipation slowly dissipates...
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Does anyone know how big the monster health nerf was? 20%? 30%?
Does anyone know how big the monster health nerf was? 20%? 30%?

There was no monster health nerf. Monster damage was nerfed by roughly 25% (estimated using the armour formula and % damage reduction on character screen).

>>Monster life has been increased in early levels and decreased in later levels.

>>Monster life has been increased in early levels and decreased in later levels.

Oh, I completely forgot about those late changess. From what I observed they weren't significant though.
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"Damage reflection mods for monster auras and maps have been reduced from 20% to 18%"

This makes no sense. Ele reflect is the biggest killer, so we reduce it's damage by 2%

Then we nerf adaptation, from 5% to 2%

So if you are maxed out on possible maximum resistance reflect will now hurt %1, while they are encouraging you to take extra damage and lower life.

I disagree with this so much that I've lost the motivation to play. I seriously hope this gets changed.
Don't be ungrateful.. this is still a beta after all and I have never witnessed a developer that has been so community driven, responsive to feedback and constantly tweaking and keeping forward momentum with balancing and new content. This is a difficult game to balance with all the mechanics that are in place. I sympathize with those who are dramatically impacted by nerfs (i.e. RF Marauder) but the vast majority have wound up running the same builds or close variations which makes the game extremely dull. This a game striving for longevity within its leagues and added content. You cannot expect your BETA character that you built to be the most efficient OP build to not be tweaked.. embrace the change and evolve, that's what it's all about :)
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I'm not sure if it's related to this

"We've added some experimental code that triggers a local position resync if you are stunned while desynced by more than around 2 metres. The goal of this change is to catch the situations where you are pinned by monsters on the server without being able to see them on the client. This is a low-impact change that should prevent some avoidable character deaths."

But I've been finding myself rubberbanding back into packs of mobs that I'd escaped client side. I'm not sure if I ran into this pre patch, but post patch it's frequent (and fugly). Is there any chance that someone could take a look at this to make sure there isn't any undesirable behaviour?
Hi, GGG.

I have two suggestions about loot system in this game. I support your effort of making PA mode and it made me focus a lot more on the game, but there is two things missing so I can focus entirely on the gameplay:

1. Make allocated items show in PA mode when items are hidden - that way i don't have to turn on and off loot showing all the time (this option exists only on SA now)

2. Put 6S items on the "valuable item list" so thay can be allocated to players because of it's valuable vendor recipie

I would also like to congratulate you on work till now and hope you'll be as eager in the future for making this game the best online aRPG there is.

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