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Blind is a boolean status. Something is blind or it is not blind.

Thank you!

You may want to look into removing one of the 2 status indicators when using Smoke Mine combined with an attack that has a Blind supporting it. B/c, atm, you get 2 of them and looks as though it is a stackable effect. ;)
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I think something is wrong or misunderstood with this gem.

actually i've got 40% chance to doge, 50% chance to evade, and 26% chance to block. and CWDT lvl 1 casting enfeeble.

I use blind with spectral throw + multiple projectiles and insane attack speed so any ennemy that reaches me is blinded.

if the chance to hit was only 25% for blinded ennemies, with my evade skills it would be something near to 0% I guess.
But I am hit a lot more often than what I could expect. (my indicator is enfeeble and I cast it a lot)

so im a bit sceptic about the power of this gem.

that's my feedback, I may be wrong... maybe global defenses are nerfed in Merc?? (im not well informed about the game mechanics)
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If you have 50% chance to evade, enemies have (of course) 50% chance to hit you.
Blinded enemies have 12.5% chance to hit you.
Add dodge and block and you're at 3.7% chance to hit, in theory.

It's actually too powerful. It shouldn't help non evasion characters as much as it does.
It could lower the enemy accuracy, or whatever. Any character (except for US) with Flame Totem + Blind get 76% chance to evade. Try reaching that by stacking evasion.
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Does blind work on reflected damage? I guess not, right?
I would like to know where the blind chances are calculated. Like crit chance is calculated at the start of the arrow and crit multi are calculated for each mob hit by a crit
"crit multi are calculated for each mob hit by a crit"
Crit Mult is a fixed value.

Blind is an on-Hit effect. Like all on-Hit effects, it's rolled separately for each Hit.
imho this was worth it before it's value was dropped.

i've used it on a bringer of rain shock-spammer, on lightning strike, before hand on a tabula rasa before 60ish or whatever for bor.

tbh, worthless, not so much in design, just in its application rate. blind totem's kind of neat, but it doesn't compare with CWDT/ENDURING/IMMO/INC


yeah you can get maybe 6 monsters out of 100 for free with an effect, and most are so squishy anyway....

i mean i guess it's good on the theory crafted idea that you get free evasion, like... a gem slot isn't worth anything i guess, that'd make that true.

hence with bor i considered it a perk, and a perk... in like the most laughable idea since it hardly effects rares/bosses/etc
Does blind reduce opponents' chance to crit even though I have unwavering stance? I would assume it does, but I can't find anything to confirm it.

I know that it does nothing to prevent them from hitting me, but obviously mobs aren't critting me at a rate of 100% as long as i have unwavering stance. If mobs have a 50% lesser chance to crit me when blinded, then blind is definately something I'll consider plugging into my vengeance 4L set-up.

I'm not sure if this has already been answered (could only be bothered to read through a handful of forum posts before writing this and google came up with nothing as far as I could see).
Well of course they're not going to Crit 100% of the time? :/ By default monsters only have 5% Chance to Crit, tmk.

Blind does literally nothing if you Cannot Evade.
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