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Is this something that applies to the accuracy/evasion system, or is it another check entirely? I guess the question is: If you have a 95% chance to evade, will this support gem have any effect?
Added a new Dexterity support gem - Blind: Associated skills have a chance to blind their targets for 4 seconds. Blinded monsters have 75% less chance to hit (multiplicatively).

Base chance is 6% with what seems to be an additional 1% per gem level, which would take it up to 25% at 20.

I don't like the way it scales. At all. This gem is effectively horrible at early levels, and potentially overpowered once it hits level 15-20. Reason is very simple: buff uptime. A 25% chance to proc with the average attack speed of between 1 and 0,5 seconds and a duration of 4 seconds means that pretty much anyone can reliably keep this up permanently. Yet, a 6% chance for a 4 second duration Blind is utterly negligible, a complete waste of mana.

In order to make this gem actually attractive at lower levels and also balanced at higher levels, I suggest scaling the hit chance reduction instead. A 50% reduction in chance to hit is already useful at low levels since all other damage mitigation is more effective. By level 20, it'd require some more reduction to be quite as useful.
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This won't work with Totem and Curses right? But it would work with Totem + Spells?
Can someone either post a link to this gem, or tell us what the text says verbatim about how this works?

Additive hit% reduction? Separate hit% reduction? Ambiguous?
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It won't work with curses because curses don't hit enemies.

It tells you right there that it stacks multiplicatively. That is, if they would hit, there's a 75% chance that they miss instead.
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How does this work with crits? If it always applies on crit this and whirling blades is even better for a high crit chance build to use as an escape. Especially if you have a cold damage gem and when elemental proliferation linked to it.

Just pop a diamond flask and dive through the crowd... Tada!!! Frozen blind mobs just standing there ripe for the killing.

I might even do that for the lightning shadow I'm about to build.
Blind is not an elemental status ailment, so crits have no effect on the proc chance.
What does quality do to blind?
I use this gem with my tankish block/evasion ranger and it seems to be useful. I have it linked with cleave and life gain on hit which makes it excellent and quite cheap tanking skill useful when fighting large groups of mobs. The proc chance is increasing slower and slower, at certain point leveling this gem increases blind duration which seems to be fair.

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