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Blind directly modifies the opponent's chance to hit (which is the direct opposite of your chance to evade - the two are different names for the two sides of the same thing).

Unwavering stance means you can't evade, ever. There's no evade chance (and thus no hit chance) applied.
Charan wrote:
Although it might be overpowered, Blind should reduce aggro range significantly. The fact that monsters who can no longer see can tell exactly where you are is more than slightly unrealistic.
I would argue no more so than the fact blind affects monsters without eyes :P
Beyond a certain point, we have to override realism for good gameplay, and on this one I think you and I are simply drawing the line in different places.
Blind is a 75% reduction in chance to hit.
If it were possible to just have 100% chance to hit, then blind would cut that to 25%, but it isn't, because chance to hit is locked to within 5% to 95%.

If your hits can't be evaded, or the defender cannot evade, then chance to hit is never checked, and it's value is irrelevant. Those are both "this check doesn't happen" rather than "it happens at a set value".
Any update when Blind will proc on AoE such as Poison Cloud ?
Never. Blind is explicitly something which happens on hit. a Poison Cloud is degen, which never hits anything.
maxor wrote:
Not sure if i should post this in bug forum but blind is not procing if the bow shot pierces.
I have tested this, and it is definitely applying on a piece hit correctly.

maxor wrote:
It seems to be worse with split arrow my level 20 blind (12% chance to blind) procs very rarely and only maybe 1-2 mobs in a 10+ group when it does proc (thats why i think its likely to be a pierce issue).
Blinding 1-2 monsters from hitting a group of 10 or so is the correct and expected result for a 12% chance to blind. This doesn't sound like anything is wrong from the way you describe it.
Blind is a boolean status. Something is blind or it is not blind.

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