3.24.2 Hotfix 5

Just ban them if they continue to use them I bet nobody will abuse the items if there is a risk getting banned for using them kappachungus deluxe edition
finally melee is buff with this bug thx GGG :D
Lol I have new favorite cope..

"GGG employees would feel bad if people got banned for their mistake"

Yeah, GGG employees forced you to exploit the game. I don't know what's going on at GGG but this is a straight integrity issue; i've always praised them for protecting the game with an iron fist. Here we're days later the items are spread out all over the place and the rats have hidden all their nuts.

Something has changed at GGG. I don't like. Chris would have shut the servers down instantly and patched out the items. Then we would have all got to enjoy the I got banned and didn't know i was being a clown posts on reddit.

I'm less worried about the items now than I am the change of direction on integrity.
Murmuüre wrote:

Literally who cares if a bunch of cheaters get banned?
It’s not thousands of players. it’s thousands of cheaters. they weren’t playing, they were cheating. And the ones acting like they was any ambiguity to this whatsoever are even more pathetic.

This is the undervalued comment of my catchup in this thread. We have 2000 cheaters who exposed themselves. Cheaters! They just did the security team a favor by exposing themselves.
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Spadesghost wrote:

Maybe because Empyrean was the only example of it ever happening?
GGG is already inconsistent, because they never "banned" the people who created:
20,000+ fire resistance chest armor, abyssal sockets on items without taking up mod space, etc.

What are they supposed to do now huh? Go back and retroactively ban people who probably aren't playing anymore?

Not trying to be rude here, but your logic and argument make no sense.
And from another perspective, how is it fair to ban people for GGGs lack of playtesting?

Answer: it isn't. At all.

The fire chest items where not programmatically exploitable. You've read some threads / posts from other people who have no clue about those items.

They got left in the game because they're not exploits and a very small number of them got created.
The items will be reverted no harm was done, beside those that knowingly traded them.
Unlike the week 2 divine map fishing where people printed hundreds of divines in 24 hours until it was made x10 more rarer and fishing for it was no longer viable. These "exploiters" gained leverage on the market and I don't see any of you going ape about it, maybe because you did it too. Same thing with the rogue exile allflame. You all kept the divines and nothing was done. People with different time zones or those who worked that day were absolutely bamboozled. Therefore you're nothing more than hypocrites that's all I have to say.
what was this?
THIS statement posted leaves NO debate to what needs to be done here, regardless of how many player accounts violated the rules and regardless of what league this was done in.

If you uncover an exploit in Path of Exile and abuse it for your benefit, we will ban you.

Posted by Chris
on Apr 20, 2021, 9:43:37 AMGrinding Gear Games

GGG, literally ALL eyes are on you at this point. Whatever you choose to do about this situation will set a precedent for the future. Here's the straight up truth, many players WILLINGLY violated the rules of the game. This is a clear cut 100% justifiable instance where bans should be done. I'm all for fighting for the player but this exploit exposed the bad ones. This bug was exploited by players for their own gain, directly or indirectly.

There's NO plausible deniability here. ANYONE who's played this game for even 5 to 10 hours, let alone have made it past act 5 in the game knew full well that 1 handed weapons and shields are game legally restricted to 3 sockets. The only exceptions to this rule were those sanctioned by you, GGG. The only reason these threads look like it's debatable is because the violators are on here trying to twist, sugarcoat and justify their actions. Whether they made the items or bought and sold them, it's all been ill gotten gains.

"It's too many of us", "GGG won't/ can't ban that many people"

These are the comments that are most commonly said both IN game and on these forums regarding this. Don't prove them right. Bans have to be done for every single account that created the bugged items, as well as those that posted the illegal items for trade. If these players are not banned, then GGG sends out a clear message:

"Every future bug can be exploited with no consequences and as long as X amount of players are willing to follow suit"

The question will then be how many players is needed to violate the rules before GGG decides to ignore it or give a slap on the wrist with little to no punishment being done at all. Myself and many other players did NOT participate in the rule breaking strictly out of fear of risking our accounts being banned. If you remove the fear, then you remove the control of your players.

Any gems socketed in these items are at risk for being destroyed when these items are fixed.

Clearly this was not only a warning shot but also a signal flag for a lack of faith in GGG following your own rules. No such warning should have been given out. Any gems within illegal items should not have any warning whatsoever. The same way there are no warnings given for other punishments from GGG. Players have been banned for MUCH lesser known offensives. You're normally tight lipped about what specifically is the cause for bans, mutes or probation causes; however there's two questions you 100% have to clarify for the players once and for all going forward:

What are exploits and what deems it bannable? Are bans based on numerical amount of players that violate the rules?

The result of your actions regarding this will encourage players to either follow the rules 100% OR break any rules as long as it's trendy. Myself and many other players that follow the rules will now be tempted to go with the "monkey see, monkey do" crowd. Exploit hits, do it, profit, sell off and hands are wiped clean.


TLDR: 1) Ban every account of those that created / crafted the bugged items.

2) Ban every account that sold the illegal items. It's easy for the
violators to have crafted on one account and passed off their profits
to a secondary one.

3) Delete or convert the bugged items back to normal versions, in ALL

Edit: There has to be full accountability taken here. I stayed online literally 24 hours warning people in Global and trade chat telling them: Do not make or waste their currency on buying the bugged items. I did that so that anyone who WASN'T aware of the madness going on, wouldn't get caught up in what was going on as well as the future consequences. Some actually thanked me, others went about their business and did what they did.

I know if I'd have not been aware of it and logged on unsuspecting; I'd have probably bought the items. Reading the forums, alot of us here did NOT partake in it; not cause we couldn't but strictly out of fear of getting our accounts banned on this clear as day exploit.
I rarely post, but when I do it's important. Fighting for the player, not monsters! https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/880487

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WoT_Seanchan wrote:
THIS statement posted leaves NO debate to what needs to be done here, regardless of how many player accounts violated the rules and regardless of what league this was done in.

If you uncover an exploit in Path of Exile and abuse it for your benefit, we will ban you.

Posted by Chris
on Apr 20, 2021, 9:43:37 AMGrinding Gear Games

Dude citing this is kinda making your subsequent arguments pointless because many years ago Chris also said sth along the line "every league is extensively play-tested before launch" lol

I think we need to hear from GGG that they WILL revert all bugged items back to 3 sockets, right now tailoring orb pricing is hiking up so hard, they are already rare enough that they dont drop. By the time you guys say anything, NO player will be able to use them because they're going to be hinekora's lock prices. Players are churning through years of stock in std too, because GGG does not have a clear pattern of behaviour in regards to letting items exist or not (thinking of 25k res armor). So even if they revert the items back, you guys cannot revert back the economy.

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